Monday, February 2, 2009

23K LSD today

23K +365m/-342m at an average Heart Rate of 139 bpm. I kept an eye on the heart rate throughout the run keeping it at less then 140 bpm. Here is an interesting comparison...

Jan 23 , 23.01 km, Time 2:18:00 , Avg Pace 5:59, Avg Heart Rate 150 bpm
Feb 02, 23.01 km, Time 2:22:56 , Avg Pace 6:12, Avg Heart Rate 139 bpm
Still working on base building , in the scheme of things it really didn't make a huge difference running at 77% of Max HR vs 83%. On an interesting note I wore a pedomerter today , it redistered 21,484 steps...23K obviously my stride is a little over a meter.

Weather was great for a run today , as good as it gets for February. Sunny , a Southerly breeze and temps just above freezing.... and today the wind cooperated and didn't switch around , NICE! The LSD was bit easier , this is the 4th in 5 weeks. Started a 20 on the treadmill, then an 18 on the road then 2 23K Durham loops.

Jan mileage was 159.5K , Feb goal is 200K with at least 4 23K LSDs. March will be the same or a little more then Feb. The new season isnt that far away.

The Refrigee Eighter is less then 2 weeks away , I am thinking defiantly under a 5:00 pace , more towards a 4:45 average. I wont be hard to beat last years time!!!!

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