Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10K at 2am , inside of course

Did most of my run somewhere between the Aerobic and Anaerobic zones. Started at a 6:00 pace and then over the next few K's I geared it up to a 4:45 pace. Held the faster pace for the last 6K of the run. First few "fast" Ks were a little hard then I relaxed into it, breathing wasn't to laboured and I felt pretty good! Tried to check the HR but the one built into the treadmill is so-so. Just at then end I managed to get a reading and it was 146 bpm but that was a few moments after I ramped it down from 12.6 kmh to 10.0 kmh.

I didn't really feel like running or doing anything! This is mid #2 , didn't sleep very well today ... typical response to switching the sleep patterns around. I was having perpetual running dreams ... 5K in 19:58! I will sleep better today!

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