Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10K in the rain

Couldn't really decide what I should do this week to prepare for Sunday. Did a 10K road run at a moderate pace , managed a 150 bpm average heart rate.

I was raining and 6C , I only wore two layers along with my running cap! I was quiet comfortable , not cold maybe a little on the warm site. The shell kept the cool wet out and let the warm in out! As soon as I started I noticed that the air was very fragrant with the smell of wet cedars , a few K in I passed a truck of fresh cut logs and did it ever smell strong. About the only smells in the air though the winter has been wood stoves!

I didn't wast to go out too fast but I didn't want to go at an LSD pace either. There are 10 hills in my route , I decided to use them as intervals and run hard up the hill then recover on the down and flats. Doing this gave me somewhere around a 5:10 pace. I kept holding back , this wasn't planned as a speed event. In the past I have ran hard and fast days before a race causing me not to perform at my peak when I needed too!

Tomorrow and Friday it will be a 5K at a 5:30 pace , Saturday reset and Sunday race.

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