Sunday, May 31, 2009

28K LSD Yesterday

The day started out great, Sun , 18C and a strong wind from the SW. Headed out towards Durham. Headed West on the McCormick Rd past Hwy 6 and then turned South on the 2nd of Bentick, this route gave me 5K of tractor trails...well sheltered from the wind! The 2nd on Bentick was almost head on into a really strong but not too cold wind. It was 7K into the wind, it was getting really strong ! Turning towards Durham on hwy 4 I had the wind at my back and turned a quick 4:42K. Stopped briefly a couple of times in Durham. Once to refill my water bottle and another time to buy a picnic table....which I latter returned to pick up! I didn't spend a whole lot of time in town, I added some extra Ks early in the LSD, headed out through the conservation area.. it was getting cooler and I had lost the Sun. Did a meal replacement drink at around 20K , no gels today! When I turned North on the 2nd of Glenelg there was a big black cloud to the NW. 8K to go and it was looking like I was going to run through a storm! I didn't hear any Thunder , I could handle the rain but I was concerned for my iPod. Normally I have a plastic bag to tuck the electronics away but today I didn't! So I picked up the pace hoping the weather would hold off 5:37 , 4:57, 5:18 ...some hills involved! As I was going along I was predicting when the weather would close in! 5K to go and it was really getting dark, cold but the good thing was three was a strong wind at my back pushing me along. 3K to go and it was starting to rain, fairly light but I expected it to change. The rain got progressively heavier , there was some thunder and lightening and the wind was getting stronger! The last K was done in heavy rain, strong winds and it was cold.... hustled and manged to make it home at the peak of the storm. My wife was ready to come rescue me, car keys in hand. The kids were all watching out the window wondering if I was OK! The storm passed quick so I jumped in the hot tub for my "cool down". An hour or so after I was done I was feeling rather faint. The week before I went 24K further and felt OK.... what was it? I suspected the pace , averaged 5:33 vs 6:30 a weak ago. But I was more suspicious of the electrolytes , did 750ml Gu2O , a few hundred ml of water , and 8oz energy replacement drink and no gels! Lat week I gelled every 45 min, drank lots too. I have felt faint before when I went long or hard and didn't take in enough! A shorter run on the books for today .... not sure where or how long but I am thinking trail.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

14.6K on the trail today

Did a little longer then normal trail run today! Pace was more or less right where I left off on Saturday. Things feel really good, just slightly zapped for energy say 80%. I feel like I could do another Ultra on Saturday. Guess I will have to settle for an LSD!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in the saddle

Got out yesterday evening for a 10.1 K tractor trail run. My body said that it was time to run. Things start to hurt and seize up if I don't keep moving! It was a race against the clock. Headed out about 8:50pm , it was already getting dark. Figured bu not wearing a light I would hurry to get it in before it got too dark. Really had to be careful in the sections through the woods , my trails are rocky with lots of roots so I was exaggerating my foot pickup to make sure I didn't catch anything! I was still feeling it a bit in the Quads, they reminded me of what I did on Saturday. Breathing was a bit laboured . The chest felt a little heavy I think my lungs reminding about Saturday too! Completed the 10.1 K in a little over 56min at around a 5:30 pace. Will get out again this evening....should be 100% ready to go for and LSD Thursday or Friday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sulphur Springs 50K Trail Race

Wow , where to start. Every race has a story ... this is a big one!

Chapter 1___In the Beginning

Its starts back in January of 2009. My goal was to do at least 5 50K Ultras in 2009. The Sulphur Springs race didn't make it to the race calender because I was scheduled to work that day. Fast forward to April and choose to be Nathan Team Canada's Ultra Runner! My application to Nathan stated my 5 Ultra plan but there was a problem....the Sparks Single track was canceled for 2009. To replace the canceled race I book the Sulphur date as a vacation day and signed on for my first Ultra of the season.

Chapter 2____ The Week Before

This chapter begins two weeks before Sulphur Springs. My last long run was May 10 , 26K done in 2hrs40mins. I worked midnights May 12 through May 18 , the whole week sucked ... I was fighting a clod bug, didn't get enough sleep and only managed a few short runs. There was no way I could do another LSD before the 23rd so I settled for...

  • Monday 10K on the treadmill , 3 am!

  • Tuesday 11.3K Trail Run

  • Wednesday 10K Tractor Trail Run, after dark!

  • Thursday 6.7 K Durham Run Clinic

I was really excited about Sulphur! I felt very relaxed , more so then then the 10K Road Race , Marathon and the 26K Trail I did in the last two months. I was a little concerned that the last LSD seemed like forever ago and I wasn't really sure if I was 100% ready. I have been running 6 days a week , 1 long and 5 runs in the 10K range ... no intermediate 16-21Ks! Would this be enough?

Chapter 3 ___ The Race Plan

A simple plan...

  • Run an average 6:30 pace
  • Gel every 45 minutes , stay hydrated
  • Run the entire race with the exception of aide stations and big hills
  • Don't wipe out
  • Have fun and enjoy the moment

Chapter 4____Race Day

Living 2 hours from everywhere means and early start to the majority of race days, Sulphur would be no exception! I didn't adjust my sleep patterns very well after working nights the previous week. Friday I slept in until 11am getting a full 11 hours of sleep! I was a little concerned that I would have trouble sleeping the night before the race ... its always that way. After 5 hours of broken sleep and weird race dreams I awoke 30 minutes before my alarm at 03:15. I took advantage of the extra 30 mins , made a pot of coffee and then jumped in the Hot Tub! At 04:05 I was heading out the driveway! Its only 10 minutes to the first Tim Horton's , race day breakfast consisted of a Sesame Seed Bagel Toasted with Butter , an OJ and yet another coffee. As is usual I arrived at the race good with 1hr15 min to spare. Pre race activities.....

  • Race kit pickup
  • Bathroom
  • YAK YAK YAK with familiar faces..hi Gary
  • Bathroom
  • Back to car to get ready and play with sharp pins
  • YAK YAK YAK , had a nice chat with Peggy and George Toad Race Directors
  • More prep
  • Bathroom

One honourable mention for Chapter 4.... " The Thursday Afternoon Laundry Incident". Yup , less then 48 hours to race time I injured myself doing laundry... D'OH! I was bring laundry upstairs to be folded and I tripped over my Wife's new mini Trampoline! I knew it was there but I still managed to catch my right foot in a support leg ... HARD! I went down landing on my right knee and hand. The fall resulted in a nice rug burn and a very painful foot. I did the Durham Run Clinic a couple of hours after falling ..... no pain... no problem or so I thought! By the time I went to bed I could barely walk , very painful foot , my knee was stiffening up and my index finger was hurting from being over extended. I took it really easy on Friday , stayed off my feet most of the day! Friday night the foot was feeling better , only a little pain but the knee was really stiff! Race day it was better yet , I figured it was just a little soft tissue swelling that had caused pain and stiffness. I popped a couple of Advil minutes before the race and I didn't have any issues at all....LUCKY!

Chapter 5___ The Race

Here are the splits!

g 2

My 10K Splits were .....

0-10K 1:03:55

10-20K 1:02:04

20-30K 1:02:12

30-40K 1:02:48

40-50K 1:13:31

50-52.03K 15:50

The numbers look a little funny for a 50K race ... perhaps a little long! Well guess what I GOOFED BIG TIME.... I missed a turn at the second last aide station. The first time I crossed the finish line the clock said 4hours30minutes and my Garmin said 42.6km. I immediately pointed this out to the race official , she said that " the rule states that you can complete the race if you return to where you went off course and then run back to the finish again! I was having a stellar run , I couldn't believe how well I had done to this point , how consistent my 10K splits were and how good I felt on and on and on .... it was just a great racing day. I wanted to cry! The official took me over to the map , I told her that I missed seeing the microwave tower and the long 4K downhill to the finish. She said that I missed the turn at the 2nd last aide station and showed me where to go. Well all bummed out but determined to right my wrong I started to back track. I figured I had about 3K to go ... there was a fork to the trail that looked familiar but I ran past . I caught up with a fellow doing the 50 or 100 mile on his way back out and I quickly realized I had choose the wrong trail. Instead of going back a half a K I followed a Hydro Cut up a very steep hill in the direction that I knew would eventually intersect the trail. I had visions of getting totally lost , totally blowing a great run . Following the hydro cut I cam across a trail about a half K in ... was this it .... continued on , another trail .. not it but low and behold runners just over yonder .... found the trail and was only a few hundred meters from where I went off course. OK I I was on my way again ... only 8K to go!

Now for the excuse......

I know going off course happens to everyone and well I guess my number was up! I blew by the 2nd last aid station around the 40K mark , I didn't need fluids so I was motoring! A volunteer or spectator was crossing in my path... not a problem until she suddenly did a 180 and I ran into her. I was rattled , it hurt , I caught the you girl and kept her from falling ... she was probably around 16 years old. Right were I had the collision is where I should have turned. On my return to this spot there was a Marshall directing folks to the turn that I missed .... he wasn't there when I collided with the girl!

OK , I was back on track and determine to pick up the pieces and carry on! When my Garmin said 50k I had been running for 5hours24mins20seconds WOW ...if only I had stayed on course. When I crossed the finish for the second time the Garmin said 5hours40minutes and 52.03 km!

Yes I had run well past 50K but I was sure I added 4 to 6K to my run! I asked another 50K finisher what distance they recorded and it was 46K . I would love to compare distances with some other 50K finishers!

Chapter 6___The Official Results

My chip time was 5:39:06 , finished 28th out of 55 finishers and believe it or not a new PB to boot...go figure!

On a positive note I was extremely happy with my performance! I really believe I am on track with my training! I look forward to some better times ahead .... cant wait for Niagara.

OH Yeah , that one thing I left out of my race plan...


Friday, May 22, 2009

6.27K with the Durham Run Clinic

It was the last of 8 weeks for the run clinic. There was a desire to keep an informal run going , the group is going to meet at the upper dam in Durham at 6pm Thursdays... I am going to try to make it from time to time!
It was a warm run last eve , 27C ... HOT! Pace was steady but not too fast , a perfect 6:41 pace for my last outing before Saturdays Ultra.
Before the run clinic last night I tripped and went down hard bringing laundry upstairs. There was a fitness trampoline on the dining room floor and misjudged the foot peg hitting it with my right foot. I went down hard , right hand caught the weight , right knee was skinned. Other then rug burn I didn't have any issues during the run clinic . Last night my right foot started to hurt mid foot just behind the toes. There was a bit of swelling and it was sore enough that I was limping. Today it a little better , only a small amount of pain with the shoe on , walking sock feet is still pretty sore. I also have pain in my right hand , like I over extended my index finger. Now this is the last thing I need going long tomorrow! I suspect that once I get going it should be OK, I will however be carrying Advil!

Allot of mental goes into the prep for the longer race, I am packing my race bag , setting out my clothing , preparing for all types of weather and making final preparation on the nutrition and hydration front! Fanny PAC pic says it all......

Plan is GU every 40 min , at 30K I am going to do may meal replacement drink and the first bottle of fluid is Gu2O and then I will switch to water . Should drink a bottle an hour , filling up at the aid stations!
I will not dehydrate , I will not be short on carbs, I will stay below my lactate acid threshold and if all goes well I will come in around 5hrs30mins. With the exception of aide stations and big hills I will run!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10K after dark ...

Little 10K at a 5:43 pace after dark this evening. It was a beautiful warm evening to head out after dark , 21C with very little breeze. In addition to the Tar and Chip Road I introduced 4K of "Tractor Trail" into the night run , lots of rocks and holes. I wanted to see how I would manage under conditions of less then perfect footing and I was pleasantly surprised. There was enough light to get along. When it got tough I took the light out of diffuse mode and went to the high intensity beam . It worked great 8ft out but you lost your peripheral vision . It was kinda like running through a light tunnel.
I am pumped about Saturday , somewhat hesitant to make predicts for my first 50K of the year being that I don't know the course. My gold medal day would be to beat 5:30 , Silver 5:30-5:45 and a bronze 5:45-6:00. The strategy is to go out and try to average a 6:30 pace.
I am have one more easy run on the books before the weekend , the last 5K Run Clinic in Durham Thursday Eve. Friday I am going to try to rest as much as possible and load up with a great pasta meal.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

11.3 K on the trail this afternoon

21C / Sun and a light breeze , a great afternoon for a little trail run. Even 21C feels hot , it going to take a week or two of "warmer" running to get use to the heat! Used some GU2O today, the stuff rocks! In the short runs like today I don't need the CARBS but I was sweating pretty good. I am totally sold on the idea of an electrolyte replacement .... IT WORKS marvelously. Going to go Kayaking this evening... first time on the river this year!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mojos back!

Jumped on the treadmill at lunch at midnight! Did 12K at a 5:00 pace. It felt good tonight , back to back to back running is hands down the best way to stay on top of the game! Decided on no long runs this week , going to do 3 11K trail runs plus the last 5K run clinic before the 50K at Sulphur Springs this weekend.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sluggish this morning!

Jumped on the treadmill at 1am and did an easy 10K. I just didnt have it in me tonight, I was planning on going longer but it was a push just to get as far as I did... somtimes its just like that! Now it may be the lack of sleep working the night shift this week. It may have something to do with the 3 Dounuts followed by a dozen Rolo's washed with some Gator Aide.. can you say sugar overload!
Tomorrow I will take it indoors again , working 8pm to 8am then I am done for the week returning on Sunday.
This week I will keep the runs shorter and less intense in preperation for the 50K Sulphur Springs Run on Saturday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun evening with the Run Clinic

5.42K done at a 6:23 pace with the 5k Durham Clinic last night. It was a fun evening, many were at the Trillium races so we were all discussing our races. John and Anne did the half in Mississauga , they rocked in the 1:43:XX time WOW ! John was telling us about a runner from Hanover that came in 2nd in the full, something like a 3:4X pace. Didn't get much sleep today to its going to be a long night at the office. Maybe , just maybe I can take it outside this eve!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


That's 5 km at 5 am at a 5 min pace ! Working mids, need a break so I jump on the treadmill for a little ride. Last night at the same time I did a full body weight routine , long over due! Sleep today , run clinic tonight.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trail Tuesday

11.12K trail run today. Working mids, rolled out of bed early at 2pm after 5 hours of sleep. It was Sunny an nice warm 18C , perfect for a little 6:03 pace though the Forest. The best part was running shirt free today. Didn't sweat to much so I was quiet comfortable temp wise. My little trail is run is great , always taxing no matter what the pace. There are some long climbs followed by steep short drops. I am so glad that the warmer weather is here to stay!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Night LSD

I am working the night shift this week. Part of the recurring ritual is to adjust sleep patterns before hand. Lat night at midnight I headed out for an LSD , how long or how far not really known but I was hoping to go out for three hours or so. I live in a very dark area, the nearest street light is 9km from home! I dawned my head light , Ipod, Garmin and a pocket full of GU and my new

Nathan X Trainer Mutation.....

I love my hand held but there are times when I would rather not carry a bottle. I have tried various fanny packs but I didn't like the bounce. Nathans new belt lives up to its claim details here ....
I was fully loaded when I headed out , I addition to the Water Bottle I had a 4 AA Battery Pack in the Mesh Pocket. Starting out I did notice small bounce but after the first K the Belt found a comfortable position around my waste and I never knew it was there for the next 26 km. The bottle was easy to remove and replace. You can adjust the tension holding the bottle , I had it loose and never had any issues with it staying in place.

The night was cold, -2C for early May but it was very still ...not a whisper of a breeze. I headed down the 2nd towards Durham. This was the second time I used my headlight. It provided lots of light in the diffuse mode. I passed by a Cemetery at the end of the 2nd, it was rather ghostly as the frost was just forming on the grass and it was really blotchy .... white images cover the ground. I knew I was in for a treat , LSD combined with the dark was sure to produce some interesting moments. At 9K I drop into the Durham Conservation Area, its a camp ground on the North side of the Saugeen River. Next up was a little Ipod magic , as I was making my way through the park on came Pink Floyd's " Run Like Hell "... the Lyrics made me pick up the pace a bit....

"Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run.You better run all day And run all night."

OK, that was exactly what I had in mind ..... sweet !

Next up was crossing the bridge at Mc Gowan falls , there are large high intensity flood lights aimed at falls and bridge. The bright light was illuminating a cloud of mist caused but the water thundering over the falls. Running through sleepy Durham was really cool , literally. The street lights illuminated the way , there no traffic or signs of anyone stirring at 1:00 am. I was beginning to feel a bit chilled , the Shell was pined against my fleece lines top , being wet from sweat it conducts heat out rather well. The hands were getting cold too , I remember pulling my thumbs back in out of the gloves to warm them. Crossing the Dam at the lower bridge I noticed that the mist was turning into snow... brr! Gelled while I was in town , it really seemed to pick me up, had a new lime flavoured GU ... really yummy but and with the cold it had the consistency of soft ice cream!

Heading out of Durham I made my way back through the park and back into the dark. I really had some GI issues , lots of pressure ! The park has washrooms but I was to afraid of catching a big chill to stop do I decided to tough it out. Headed back up the second , was feeling very chilled decided to Gel again ... this really helped. This stretch of the LSD is not my favorite part of the run , tonight would be different! After the Gel I picked up the pace , the tummy was settled and I just got into an nice smooth stride for the next 5K. It rocked , I was a running machine on cruise control. I started to swing the arms more , much more ... the cold went away! The increased arm swing was awesome , I was finally warming up a bit. 5K from home I was startled by a "Fire Ball " straight over head , it was bright white and blue light with a luminescent tale that lasted for a few seconds. The fire ball was in line with the way home , it was like a trail marker.... this way home. One more interesting thing harped , with about 3K to go there was a reflection from the woods. At first I thought it was a reflector then one bright yellow light became 2 then the yellow lights started to follow me ..... the eyes were set apart more then a human . The light seemed to emanate from theses Devilish Eyes ... gave me the shivers and I carried on wondering what creature of the night that I had just encountered!
I wanted to stretch it out to 3 hours but when I was a couple of Ks from home the GI thing started to act up allot , very painful so I cut it short!

So I managed a 27.56K +500/-496m run at an LSD pace of 5:48/K total time 2 hours 40 minutes. My recovery was an hour in the hot tub with a cool bear under the full moon..... cant wait to do it all over again .. maybe on a warmer night.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trillium 10K Race

This was my fifth consecutive Trillium Run and the first time that my Wife and any of my 5 children tagged along. To top it off Carrie did the 5K Walk , Noah did the 5K Run. The weather was really iffy, race time was 09:30 am we left home at 08:20 and it was pouring rain with a bit of Thunder. We arrived in Mount Forest around 08:50, it was still raining but had let up a little. Most of the post race activity was getting Noah registered and picking up race kits and chips! Before I knew it we were out the door watching the 10K in line skaters head out. The rain had stopped and the temp was about 13C , overcast and almost no breeze but the air was really heavy. Moments after the skaters were off they called the 10K participants to the line.....

The race plan was 4K at 4:30, 3K at 4:15 and the final 3K at 4:00. I started out running with with Frank from the run clinic and Anne from Hanover. Both had sub 45:00 goal and the plan was to pace then through the first few K's . The start was uneventfully , trying not to go out too fast was the goal and it was done in 4:19. At the 1K marker there was a photographer and Anne was hamming it up and reminded me to smile! I was feeling pretty good through 2K but I knew we were going out a little too fast . I tried to slow down a bit but the 2nd K as done in 4:20. I was in stride with Anne through 3K , Frank was right on our tail. A few runners blew by us between 2 and 3K . I thought to myself that these guys were going to break 42:00 or I was going to catch them at the later stages of the race. The 3rd K was done in 4:26 , Anne dropped off the pace and I had no idea where Frank was but I knew he wouldn't be far behind. I naturally dropped pace and the 4th K was done in 4:27 , this was good. The 5th K was starting to get hard , this was where my wheels fell off in the last 10K a year ago and I was beginning to doubt I could pick it up to the planned 4:15 pace , finished this K in 4:22 7 seconds off but I had some time in the bank so it was OK. The 6th K I passed one of the guys that blew by me earlier , my breathing and heart rate were pegged. I was really beginning to feel it but I kept thinking about executing my race plan on the treadmill and how I had waves of feeling like I couldn't followed by moments of its OK I can do this , 6th K was done in 4:18. Now I was slowly closing on 2 more runners that had passed me earlier , they were sticking together ... I thought about tucking in behind them and following but I seemed to close on them quickly so I went by. I had a vision of them passing me later on, the rest of the race I never looked back but I was sure I could hear their foot strikes not to far behind. The 7th K was done in 4:19, now the plan was to pick it up to a 4:00 pace for the last 3Ks! I just didn't have the 02 to do it , I felt that he legs would carry me but when I pushed things started to go black so I had to back off . My new plan was to hold my 4:20 pace for the next 2Ks and then push hard on the the finish. There was one other runner that I though I could catch and it seemed like I was closing on him. 8th K was done in 4:17... the new plan was working, now to push hard for the next 2K. There was a bit of a hill in the 9th K , a 10m gain over 500m. Normally I wouldn't have noticed that sort of incline but the 02 was red lining and I had no choice but to slow the pace a bit , the 9th K was done in 4:26. I was a bit bummed at this point because I knew I would not achieve a 42:XX finish. I seemed to have closed to within 30m of the guy I was trying to pass, my push in the last K was to try to catch him. The last K was by far the toughest, I pushed hard and ended up with a 4:07 pace but I didn't manage to catch the fellow in front but he made for an awesome target! Best thing about crossing the finish was hearing Noah yell out "DAD", I didn't see him but hearing him yell out was a moment I will always remember!
9 2423 Ronald Irwin 43:30 LM40-49 3/10 8 4:21 43:29 Durham

I finished 9th out of 59 participants , 3rd out of 10 in the Masters Division in a Chip Time of 43:29. This was a new PB for me , my previous best 10K was 44:51 set in 2007 at the Trillium Run.

Noah rocked , actually he ran! He is a 9 year old that cant stop moving and it served him well!

138 4177 Noah Bertrand 33:13 SM-9 2/2 54 6:39 33:13 Durham

Noah finished 2nd in his age group out of 2 runners. He was glowing on the podium getting his medal. I am very proud of his accomplishment!

The day was a first for my Wife Carrie! She was really surprised by the support of fellow runners and walkers and was totally blown away be the folks standing on their front laws cheering everyone on. Carrie shared the day with a friend from work , this was a first for Vivian too. Carrie told me about a really cute moment that they had .... the were strolling along when suddenly Vivian was totally disgusted by a mess of paper cups that were on the road , she commented to Carrier " who would ever leave such a mess....." , my wife was quick to point out that it was an aid station and you grab a quick drink and discard the cup on the road. Like an experience pro Vivian grabbed a glass , took a swig and threw it down....cute!

11 901 Carrie Bertrand 47:35 WALKF 6/25 6 9:31 47:34 Durham

Franks and Anne had great finishes , I watched and cheered as they both crossed the line. The look of pain of Franks face said it all , he was giving it 110%!

14 2448 Frank Vander Meulen 45:31 LM40-49 4/10 12 4:34 45:30 Durham

15 2456 Anne McClitche 45:40 LF30-39 2/6 3 4:34 45:39 Hanover
We are all ready planning our next family event... Saturday August 8, 2009 the 2nd Annual Colleen Lantz Memorial Run 4 Youth in Neustadt Ontario! This will be my first 5K ever. Who knows , I may be able to coax a couple of more of my children to participate!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Run Clinic

5.6 K with the run clinic this evening. Lots of folks are going to be in Mount Forest on Saturday for the Trillium Races , lots of excitement building. I am really excited because my wife Carrie will be coming along. She is doing the 5K walk.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easy Trail Today

OK, I have to admit I really didn't know what to run today , road/trail/tempo/easy! There is always something that occurs that makes my mind up for me. As I was staring out the window a truck went by and there was a massive cloud of dust... they graded the road yesterday! OK that was easy I was taking it to the trail!

I did my "classic trail run" today , 11.19 km. I didn't want to go out hard with the 10K road race on Saturday so I decided to run it like I was doing a 50k Ultra. My goal was a 6:30 pace ... I tried to keep it nice and easy with the exception of 3 sprints of a 200m on the short road sections at a 4:30 pace. Now the really cool part is that I didn't look at the avg pace, only glanced at the current pace when I did the sprints and my Garmin reported a 6:27 pace!
Tomorrow I have my 5K Run Clinic , should fit well! Friday I think I will do a few easy Ks with a couple of sprints to race speed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Executing Saturdays 10K Race Plan

I am working Evenings this week, last night at 11pm I jumped on the treadmill to give my race plan a try. Did the first 4K at a 4:30 pace , I really felt like I was cruising the breathing was good and the effort was easy. AT 4K I ramped it up to a 4:15 pace , I held this for 3K. it wasn't too bad but I was breathing heavier and there were moments of I am not sure I can keep this pace but I kept pushing. At 7K I ramped it up to a 4:00 pace, this was definitely pushing the 02 Max and the HR was pegged but again I had more moments of you cant do this followed by brief intervals of its alright. The last 500m I picked it up to 15.5 kmh then 16.0 kmh then crossed the line with 42:38 on the clock. This is the fastest I have ever run 10K , a few times before I broke 44:00 on the treadmill and my race pb is 44:51. Its a given that I will break 45:00, how close I get to 42:XX I am not sure.

Monday, May 4, 2009

3 Hour Trail Run Sunday

Sunday was my "long run" day. Originally I planned on hitting the road for a nice relaxing 3 hours however there was a wicked cool wind so I decided to take shelter and hit the trails. I didn't worry about pace or distance just have a little fun and go for the designated time. I did my whole run never being further then 5K from home. In keeping with my theme I didn't have any particular route in mind , just followed my whims. Started out trying a new trail just South of the Rocky Saugeen 700m from home. Headed West on what turned out to be a trail to nowhere so I headed back towards where I entered and then crossed the 2nd and headed on a different trail east parallel to the river. After a K of nicely groomed tractor trail I dropped down to the river bank and started following a Dear Trail. No running for more then a K , walking was tough ... large boulders cover in moss , lots of down trees and some real muddy sections. To my left was the river , to my right 30 meter limestone cliffs. I knew I would meet up with a trail that I ran the day before but there was one catch, had to cross the Saugeen River. Its fast flowing with a rocky bottom and only knee deep but man was it cold. The crossing was about 100m wide but it felt like my legs were turning blue. After the river crossing I was on a familiar trail except I was going the opposite way ... weird , seemed like a whole new trail. Looped around almost back to the second then headed into a Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority Forest. Ended up running across the rear of my property crossing the 2nd then heading into another SVCA forest , looped around the back of my neighbours property . I keeping with my theme I choose a route that I avoid until August because it so wet. I blasted right though the mud/water and found it much easier then going around, as a matter for fact I was having a blast! I was 1:55 in and took a brief stop at home for a refill of water and some fresh made chocolate chip cookies .... YUM. It was good to try something this solid! Heading back out I was COLD , I hate stopping. It took a few Ks to warm back up! Throughout this run I was trying to manage the heart rate and breathing to feel comfortable and like I could go forever. There were times when the chest felt tight and I couldn't get enough 02 , I just backed off until I felt comfortable. I was also considering that the cool breeze that I caught now and again may be responsible for the heavy chest felling... lots of warmer weather running ahead I guess I will get my answer soon! For the last hour I headed out behind my house East towards the baseline , again taking trails I haven't run before . Came out near Grey Rd 12 and the Baseline crossed 12 and continued North until I hit another SVCA property. Did a 4 K loop on the trail , saw a Turkey hunter so I made lots of noise so he could tell where I was ..... I wasn't about to be mistaken for a bird! When I came of the loop it was 3K to home on a gravel road, with the exception of two steep hills that I walked I opened it up to a 5:00 pace. Today I am feeling a little tired , working at 4pm so I think I will take it inside for a fast 10K getting ready for Saturdays Trillium Run.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the Trail Again

Just a little 11.2K +683/-677m trail run this evening before dinner. This was my first local trail run of the season. Up until mid April there was too much snow, when it melted I was doing Seaton then a week later Waterloo. Went out hard , legs told me so after a few Ks. I was doing Fire Wood all day so it probably didn't help with the run. The chest felt heavy, 02 was art a premium. It was kind of cool. 10C and lots of wind. Highlight of the run was scaring an Owl out of its roost. Its not often that you get to see these magnificent creatures so close. More fire wood on the books tomorrow, does that count as cross training? I may hit the trail again for a couple of loops but more then likely I will do an LSD 25-30K at an easy pace!