Friday, May 22, 2009

6.27K with the Durham Run Clinic

It was the last of 8 weeks for the run clinic. There was a desire to keep an informal run going , the group is going to meet at the upper dam in Durham at 6pm Thursdays... I am going to try to make it from time to time!
It was a warm run last eve , 27C ... HOT! Pace was steady but not too fast , a perfect 6:41 pace for my last outing before Saturdays Ultra.
Before the run clinic last night I tripped and went down hard bringing laundry upstairs. There was a fitness trampoline on the dining room floor and misjudged the foot peg hitting it with my right foot. I went down hard , right hand caught the weight , right knee was skinned. Other then rug burn I didn't have any issues during the run clinic . Last night my right foot started to hurt mid foot just behind the toes. There was a bit of swelling and it was sore enough that I was limping. Today it a little better , only a small amount of pain with the shoe on , walking sock feet is still pretty sore. I also have pain in my right hand , like I over extended my index finger. Now this is the last thing I need going long tomorrow! I suspect that once I get going it should be OK, I will however be carrying Advil!

Allot of mental goes into the prep for the longer race, I am packing my race bag , setting out my clothing , preparing for all types of weather and making final preparation on the nutrition and hydration front! Fanny PAC pic says it all......

Plan is GU every 40 min , at 30K I am going to do may meal replacement drink and the first bottle of fluid is Gu2O and then I will switch to water . Should drink a bottle an hour , filling up at the aid stations!
I will not dehydrate , I will not be short on carbs, I will stay below my lactate acid threshold and if all goes well I will come in around 5hrs30mins. With the exception of aide stations and big hills I will run!

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