Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in the saddle

Got out yesterday evening for a 10.1 K tractor trail run. My body said that it was time to run. Things start to hurt and seize up if I don't keep moving! It was a race against the clock. Headed out about 8:50pm , it was already getting dark. Figured bu not wearing a light I would hurry to get it in before it got too dark. Really had to be careful in the sections through the woods , my trails are rocky with lots of roots so I was exaggerating my foot pickup to make sure I didn't catch anything! I was still feeling it a bit in the Quads, they reminded me of what I did on Saturday. Breathing was a bit laboured . The chest felt a little heavy I think my lungs reminding about Saturday too! Completed the 10.1 K in a little over 56min at around a 5:30 pace. Will get out again this evening....should be 100% ready to go for and LSD Thursday or Friday.

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