Friday, July 31, 2009

Out of order speed work....

30 hours ago I did a 30K LSD at a 6:00 pace , just now I did a fast 5K , 19:45! Did 7K all together , 1K warm up with 3 sets of strides to the 5K pace then 5 fast Ks then a 1K cool down.

Normally after an LSD I do an easy something. I really needed to get my mental on for my first ever 5K race next Saturday .. well I did it. There hasn't been a day when I couldn't do a sub 20 5K on the treadmill so I hope I can take it to the street.

First 3 fast Ks were a breeze , 4th I felt like I was running behind in O2 and the last was a flat out sprint for the finish!

No run tomorrow .... ROOFING AGAIN!!!! I takes less out of me running an Ultra.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

29.6K LSD at a 6:00 avg pace

Another stellar day for an LSD and today I was into it. It felt right , I was at home , everything was A OK but I am missing a little speed but the stamina is way up!!!!!! I am ready to do the Dirty in 9 days , this was my last LSD until then!
Compared to my last LSD 6 days ago this was a breeze. I enjoyed just about every minute. It was smooth sailing all the way to 12K , an easy 6:21 avg pace. 13 and 14K was done at just shy of a 5:00 pace. It caused me to heat up an this was the first time I felt fatigued. It took a couple of Ks to cool down , gelled for the first time at 90 minutes and I was fine. When I hit the last 8K I picked it up again between 5:00 and 5:30 avg pace. The Garmin DB was full and it stopped recording data at 28K !
This is my last LSD before 24 hours of Dirty Girls Aug 8th. On Aug 8th I am also doing a short 5K run ... sub 20 ?????? I don't feel fast right now . The roof work is taking its total , I believe its helping me to build stamina but I have sacrificed some speed ...we will see!
This weekend I have another couple of days of roof work. I want to be done by Monday so I can rest up for race as well as do some short speed work early in the with some easy going little runs Thurs and Fri.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Running a tired body

10.2K at an easy 6:26 avg pace today. Started out rough, when I first started to run there was a huge pain in my lower back. I had to walk the first few hundred meters then slowly break into an easy run. The run today was a very methodical pace up or down it didn't change much . Its was similar to how I run between 20 and 30 K in a long race! The legs felt strong but the turnover was slow. I was roofing on the weekend again. 4 hours Sat eve and a big 12 hour day on Sunday. I am leaning out but adding muscle mass ... weight is up a couple of lbs to around 175. More roofing tomorrow! I am going to try to get a least one short run in every day this week and my last LSD before Dirty Girls.

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Yup I finally got an LSD in last night. A slow one but it was all about just doing it! Did 28.5K at an avg 6:18 pace. Had a couple of walking breaks at 90 min, 135min and I walked the last 400m as a cool down.

Now it was a tough run, felt hard until I passed 90 min then it wasn't too bad. The weather was so nice, Sun/Cloud mix high humidity around 24C at the start and closer to 20C at the end. My last 8K up the 2nd were nice , the Sun was lower in the sky.. it had cooled down a bit and it was just really pretty!

Roofing today...maybe , weather is iffy. I am waiting and watching.

I am thinking a trial run tomorrow, Maybe today if the weather doesn't improve.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Enough is enough

20 day , yes 20 days since I did an LSD ...... boy am I mad at myself!!!!! No matter what when I get home from work I am heading out for a 2-3 hour jaunt!

Did a little 5ker at lunch, half K warm up and cool down with 4 K at a 4:55 pace.

Post again later ... better be all about a great LSD .....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feeling Strong

Another 5.5K at lunch , better yet again today! Did 4K at a 4:55, 1K at a 3:55 pace and then a 500m cool down. Got to get an LSD in the next day or two.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am trying to convince myself ...

I am trying to convince myself ... that Roofing is good cross training for running! I haven't run in 6 days due to the fact that I have been on my roof replacing shingles! Lets just say that running 5 Ultra Marathons would be much easier then spending 5 days on a Roof.

Did 5K at lunch at my cruise control, 4:55 pace. Legs were really fresh but the breathing was a bit uncomfortable. It was like the air bags were tight due to not being fully inflated in a week!

I also haven't done an LSD since Creemore on the 4Th. Now the challenge is to fit a long one in sometime between now and Saturday.... my planned return to the Roof!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking it too the Trail

Finnaly after what seems like forever I was able to squeeze my clasic 11.2k train run in this afternoon. I am replacing my roof this week and the weather hasnt been co-operating so I was abke too get out for a run today. Roofing is good cross training however there is nothing like getting a run in!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I can run......

Wasn't sure what effect carrying 10 bundles of shingles to the peak of the roof last night, 10 more tonight. Guess those running legs come in handy sometimes. In spite of my extra curricular activity I still managed a 5.5K run at a 4:55 pace at lunch ... NO Problems.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another lunch time run

5.5K , 5@4:55 pace with a cool down at lunch. Felt like I could run forever today , big change because yesterday I could barley squeeze out 5.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New cruise control

Decided that my minimum pace indoors would be 4:55 from now on... it was 5:00. Intended on a 10K run but cut it short , the last couple of days were at a 4:30 pace and my body needed a reset , 6K done at a 4:55 pace followed by a 1K cool down. Guess its time to get back out of doors tomorrow evening.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More speed work

There is nothing like taking it indoors to the treadmill to speed things up a bit. I am rather fortunate because it really doesn't matter much whether I am inside or out , running alone or in a group just as long as I am running.

Yesterday at lurch I did 5 K at a 4:30 pace. Today I did 12K , a 0.5 warm up , 10K at a 4:30 pace , 0.5 K at a 5:00 pace , 0.5 K at a 6:00 pace then I walked the last 500m.

I am working 12 hour days this weekend so it will be another indoor run at lunch again tomorrow.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Start of speed work ...

Back to basics again , only one Ultra before Sept so its time to speed things up a bit . A little 5K at a 5:00 pace today indoors at lunch.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No run today...

...but I did do a 14.5K @ 6:00 pace yesterday. It was another Saratoga run yesterday , ran through the famous Performing Arts Center! 9 hour drive back home today , thought about running this eve but its just too much!

Monday, July 6, 2009

NY recovery run

Today I did my first run since Creemore , 11.2K done at an easy 6:00 pace! I am visiting my folks in Saratoga Springs NY! Its not often that I get to run through and Urban setting so its a bit of a novelty when I do. I ran down Broadway to Congress Park and then did a lap of the Downtown before returning home. Followed up the run with a massive Bacon and Eggs Breakfast ... just couldn't get enough protein! In the afternoon we headed to Lake George for and afternoon of boating and beer!

I fell really good after Creemore , just a little delayed muscle pain 24 hours later but I am probably 90% recovered after 48 hours. I figured I would have a tougher time getting over the Creemore race but I have been very surprised at the rebound.... must be doing something right!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

CVC 50K Ultra

Creemore was a great day , the running thing was OK ... there were some issues but the day was all about the people who run.

Hands down Runners are the BEST folks continues to blow me away! Its like this big happy supportive extended family. I am privilege to know so many great people!

Shorty after I arrived in Creemore I met up with Gary Johnson. I had bumped into him at a few races over the past couple of years. A friendly fellow who has a great passion for just being out there! Gary offered to pace me in the upcoming Dirty Girls 24 Hours race. I was blown away! I quickly said yes , it will be fun and thanks for the offer!

Just before race time there was the usual line up for the Porto Potties. Pier started whisking folks off to his house so everyone had a chance to go!

During the race I passed a group of Women doing their first trail race. I knew this because they were saying " Everyone here is so supportive , they are encouraging the other runners ........". Trail racing is competitive but it truly is the nicest bunch of folks that you could ever meet!

After the race Pierre the race director made sure that everyone was OK. He was quick to point out where the Advil was and pointed me in the direction of the Keg of Creemore Beer and Pizza.

Meet up with Kinga/Ultraqueenga and Stephan/Viking and Kevin/Rabid Chipmunk. All of us are doing the 24 Hours / Dirty Girls !

Had a nice chat with the legendary Doug Barber. The guy has won just about all the OUS events several times over the years! He local to me living in Owen Sound and I have bumped into him from time to in his Daughters and Son in Law's Runners Den!
Peggy and George/Toad Race directors were there. Peggy was busy helping out with the food and taking pictures. When I was chatting to George he commented on the fact that it was a real family atmosphere, old friends and new acquaintances... one big happy family.

There were so many more wonderful people that I talked to , before , during and after the race.

Oh yeah , the race .....

I had a plan , I stuck to it , I wanted to break 6 hours .... I did it, I could have done better but this was my day to have major tummy troubles, no details required!

I was minute or two or three under my Garmin time.... forgot to turn it off. I am not sure where I placed or what my exact time was but I was probably around the middle of the pack!