Friday, July 31, 2009

Out of order speed work....

30 hours ago I did a 30K LSD at a 6:00 pace , just now I did a fast 5K , 19:45! Did 7K all together , 1K warm up with 3 sets of strides to the 5K pace then 5 fast Ks then a 1K cool down.

Normally after an LSD I do an easy something. I really needed to get my mental on for my first ever 5K race next Saturday .. well I did it. There hasn't been a day when I couldn't do a sub 20 5K on the treadmill so I hope I can take it to the street.

First 3 fast Ks were a breeze , 4th I felt like I was running behind in O2 and the last was a flat out sprint for the finish!

No run tomorrow .... ROOFING AGAIN!!!! I takes less out of me running an Ultra.

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