Monday, July 6, 2009

NY recovery run

Today I did my first run since Creemore , 11.2K done at an easy 6:00 pace! I am visiting my folks in Saratoga Springs NY! Its not often that I get to run through and Urban setting so its a bit of a novelty when I do. I ran down Broadway to Congress Park and then did a lap of the Downtown before returning home. Followed up the run with a massive Bacon and Eggs Breakfast ... just couldn't get enough protein! In the afternoon we headed to Lake George for and afternoon of boating and beer!

I fell really good after Creemore , just a little delayed muscle pain 24 hours later but I am probably 90% recovered after 48 hours. I figured I would have a tougher time getting over the Creemore race but I have been very surprised at the rebound.... must be doing something right!

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