Saturday, July 4, 2009

CVC 50K Ultra

Creemore was a great day , the running thing was OK ... there were some issues but the day was all about the people who run.

Hands down Runners are the BEST folks continues to blow me away! Its like this big happy supportive extended family. I am privilege to know so many great people!

Shorty after I arrived in Creemore I met up with Gary Johnson. I had bumped into him at a few races over the past couple of years. A friendly fellow who has a great passion for just being out there! Gary offered to pace me in the upcoming Dirty Girls 24 Hours race. I was blown away! I quickly said yes , it will be fun and thanks for the offer!

Just before race time there was the usual line up for the Porto Potties. Pier started whisking folks off to his house so everyone had a chance to go!

During the race I passed a group of Women doing their first trail race. I knew this because they were saying " Everyone here is so supportive , they are encouraging the other runners ........". Trail racing is competitive but it truly is the nicest bunch of folks that you could ever meet!

After the race Pierre the race director made sure that everyone was OK. He was quick to point out where the Advil was and pointed me in the direction of the Keg of Creemore Beer and Pizza.

Meet up with Kinga/Ultraqueenga and Stephan/Viking and Kevin/Rabid Chipmunk. All of us are doing the 24 Hours / Dirty Girls !

Had a nice chat with the legendary Doug Barber. The guy has won just about all the OUS events several times over the years! He local to me living in Owen Sound and I have bumped into him from time to in his Daughters and Son in Law's Runners Den!
Peggy and George/Toad Race directors were there. Peggy was busy helping out with the food and taking pictures. When I was chatting to George he commented on the fact that it was a real family atmosphere, old friends and new acquaintances... one big happy family.

There were so many more wonderful people that I talked to , before , during and after the race.

Oh yeah , the race .....

I had a plan , I stuck to it , I wanted to break 6 hours .... I did it, I could have done better but this was my day to have major tummy troubles, no details required!

I was minute or two or three under my Garmin time.... forgot to turn it off. I am not sure where I placed or what my exact time was but I was probably around the middle of the pack!

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Kevin said...

You even run with a smile on your face? Oh man... I have some serious public perception work to do. ;)
I'll practice at Dirty Girls. 24 Hours of smiles.