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Mid 1

After yesterdays trail adventure I almost didn't run on my meal break so I opted for an easy little 5Ker at a 6:00 pace!

Bruce Trail - Little Cove to The Grotto - June 19, 2017

Did a little 24K out and back with Patrick Rose yesterday.    Great technical trials pretty slow going most of the way but that is what I was expecting.

This was my first time running this section.  Another first was filling my water bottle drinking Georgian Bay Water...cold and really good tasting.

Ended the day with a dip in the 10C water ... it wasn't all that bad!

A couple of more pictures ...

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Treadmill Thursday

Avoided the Treadmill for a week but all good things come to an end logging a 7K heart run on my meal break this evening.  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Morning Trail

First run since the CTC race done today logging a little 5.6 Ker on the backyard trail.

Monday, June 12, 2017

CTC Pictures

Saturday's 50K in the heat was a struggle ,  this picture captures how I felt.  

Sunday was a new day that was really allot of fun! 

Enjoyed  running with Julie and Jenny 

Finishing the 42.2 km on Sunday was awesome ...

This picture truly sums up the silly satisfaction that comes with the joy of getting it done!  

Conquer The Canuck Trail Weekend - 50K June 6 and 42.2K June 7

 Completed the " Ultimate Canuck " this weekend completing the 50km Race in Saturday and the 42.2km race on Sunday.   The event takes place at the Shades Mills Conservation Area just outside of Cambridge.    Its a gentle little over 8K loop with only a hand full of " walking hills " so on Saturday it was 6 loops and Sunday 7.    The story of the weekend was our first real Summer temps at around 30C.

 The story begins with the sleep before the race .... its important!

 I was up around 3:45 well before my 5am alarm.  As is usual I hit the Hot Tub with a Coffee and enjoyed on the the quietus nights I have experienced since Winter.  It was a full moon and I was hearing the Rapids in the Saugeen a km away.   Hit the road around 5:15 stopping at Tims for my race breakfast.   Drive time was less than 90 minutes so I arrived with an hour to spare!

 The race started at 08:00 am and it didn't take long to find out that this was a fast course and I was having a blast completing the first 3 laps in 2hrs37min .... half done!!!    Figured I had a 5hrs30min finish in the bag but I completely blew it when it came to managing the heat!   I was drink a half liter of water and taking a gel every time I hit the start/finish.   Was also taking aide station water twice a loop and started in on the S Tabs on loop 3.    On the 4th loop I started to really fatigue but wasn't slowing too badly I knew I would fade but didn't anticipate it being too bad.  On the 4th loop I started to see black spots and was feeling rather faint on the up hills.  Temps were pushing up into the 30's and the Sun was high in the Sky and there was very little breeze.    The black spots and fatigue got really bad on the 5th loop and I was way off pace.  Decided to stop and take a break before heading out on the 6th and final loop.  The 15 min break felt great and I thought it was enough but when I tried to run it was too much so I ended up walking most of the last 8K.    There was an upside to the lat loop I hooked up with Jenny who was also walking it in so the slow Ks were way more bearable having someone to talk too.   With 2Ks to go there is the biggest climb of the course I had to site down near the top because I felt like I was going to pass out....after 5 I was on my way tripping the clcok somewhere around 6hrs45min.

50K Garmin Data

50K  Heart Data

The 50K recovery started almost as soon as I was done downing a bottle of water and 2 slices of Pizza.   The trip home and all of Saturday Evening was spent getting ready for Sunday.   I must admit then when I wrapped up the 50K I didn't much feel like coming back although I knew I would!   On the way home I grabbed an large Ice Cap Supreme and a Steak Sandwich  at Tims + I downed another bottle of water.   At home I resisted the Beer ,  stuck to water and I snacked then had a box of KD for Dinner washed down with Chocolate Milk!     Went to be around 08:30 downing 2  Advil and 2 Gravol.   It took a little while to settle and I was wrestles for the first few hours but then I settled.

Woke up 30 minutes before my alarm debated jumping in the Hot Tub but I managed  30 min and my first coffee before heading back.

 It was suppose to be even warmer on Sunday but there was a nice breeze and it didn't seem as humid so I was optimistic that I would survive.     I wasn't the least bit worried about going for a time just wanted to enjoy the day and avoid the " Death March ".

 Once again we were off at 08:00 am.  It felt a little like where I had left off the day before so I really wasn't sure what to expect.    There was no muscle pain from the day before and I only developed on small blister that I lanced.   I just felt a little tired and a tiny bit Nauseous.   After a few Ks things settled down.   I seemed to be running a consistent pace all be it slow averaging around an 8:00 pace and I was OK with that.   Fueled and Gelled just like the previous day tasking in a bit of G here and there as well as upping the S Caps.  Settled in nicely after completing the first lap in a little over an hour.     I was actually feeling pretty relaxed ,  very content and was able to get lost in my mind fairly quickly.   I was surprised at how content I felt ,  almost giddy just incredibly happy to be out there running again.   Caught up with Jenny again on the second last loop.  She was running with Julie and we were all running around the same pace.    We more or less stuck together through the end of the race enjoying  conversation and just enjoying the day.   Tripped the clock  at around  5hrs29min very pleased with how the day went.

42.2K Garmin Data

42.2K Heart Data

50K Splits ... they do tell a story!

42.2K Splits

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wednesday Trail

Hit the backyard trail last Eve logging a little 4.8 Ker. 

No running today or tomorrow getting ready for Saturdays 50Ker and Sundays 42.2Ker!    

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Lunch

You guessed it another 7K Heart Run today on my meal break!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Lunch

7K Heart Run today on my meal break.

Saturday Afternoon

Logged a little 4.8Ker on the backyard trail Saturday afternoon.  It was just too nice not to run!

Rotary Huron Shores 10K - Saturday June 3, 2017

Just for fun I threw a little lung burner on the race calendar.    I had some pretty high expectations after some recent Ultra results as well as a few months of " Heart Training".   The race takes place in Southampton a little out and back along Lake Huron.    It was a perfect morning for the event and prior to the race starting I sat on a bench on the Beech looking towards Chantry Island....beautiful!   The race started on time at 09:00 am and I put the hammer down logging my first K around 4:25.   Continued a sub 4:30 pace through 5K but then the wheels fell off.   Heart Rate was hitting my Max 165 BPM mid race and I couldn't maintain it.  The body gets what the body wants and if your going beyond the limits then it's game over ,  we'll sort slow down.    I tried to somewhat hold it together in the last 5K tried to pick it back up around 7K but ended up coughing and was having trouble getting enough O2.  Picked it up through 8K ,pegged the HR around 162 BPM but that's all I got there was no other gears .

On a positive note I tripped the mat at  47min38sec and placed 11th out of 143 ,   5th of 39 Men and I won my 50-59 AG award placing 2nd of Men 50-59 out of 12.    The fellow that beat me in my AG placed in the top 3 so I sort of won my AG LOL!  

Fitbit data...started it 5min before the race start.

Garmin Data + Splits

The first 5K and second 5K are dramatically different woudl have been a
better day to make it a 5Ker LOL