Monday, August 31, 2009

Trail Run this afternoon

Last day of the month was a beautiful Sunny 19C...great for a trail run! Got in an 11.1K Run at a 6:27 pace. Legs are beat up from my Longest, Long and the Not So Long run today...time for a rest day!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to back long runs

Finally it happened , was able to get in a back to back "long" run. 3 hours yesterday and 2 hours today covering 20K at an average 5:44 pace.

Ran in a new place too. Carrie wanted to go and catch up on some work at the office in Hanover so I saw an opportunity to run the Hanover Trails. The trail system runs parallel to the Saugeen on an old rail bed. Not much in the way of hills so it was nice for the tired legs. At the South End of the trail system it terminates just outside of town. Heading back into Hanover you climb a 30m hill the biggest in town. As you reach the top of the hill there is a big sign ... " Welcome to Hanover the Place To Be". Just beyond the sign is the manciple Cemetery ... big and old but defiantly NOT the place to be ... it made me laugh. Passing by the cemetery I noticed a sign just inside the gate "No Dumping"... OK that was just too funny! Oh the things you pick up on when you are running!

Roofing Not Running

Roofing not Running this week but I did get the important ones in....

My Wife Carrie really wanted to learn to run so we had our first lesson on Tuesday Evening. We did 3K at an avg 9:31 pace. Started with doing 1 and 2's .... a good combo to start. When she was running it was at a 6:30 pace and the walk was quick around a 9:00 pace. She really enjoyed it and was really happy I did all the talking. I hope to get her out today for another crack at it.

Garmin data ....

I had a good stretch off work this week and the weather was favourable for roofing so I was at it Wed/Thurs/Fri. It was tedious working directly above the pool. It was an area of about 400 sq feet but it was really tricky as two perimeters had the shingles under the siding... took a ton of time and effort to dig them out. I am nearing completion of the project , 90% of the shingles are down with 30% of the work remaining. I better get going and finish ... shingles and cool weather don't mix.

Saturday was LSD day! It was a rainy cool start to the day so it started rather slow. In the back of my mind from the get go was the planned run. It was almost like I was finding things to do to put it off as long as I could! In the afternoon it started to clear off a bit so I managed to get out the door by 1:00 pm. I instantly got in to it , I was so happy to be doing anything other then roofing. I picked up the pace early on , wanted to make it more difficult in the later stages of the run and I wasn't disappointed. Headed down the 2nd toward Durham , cut off at the edges rd towards hwy 6. Past the farm on the South side about half way to hwy 6 I was joined by a rather large Doberman , he was running parallel to me on the opposite side of the road. I stopped , he crossed and came over to me and he poked me in the butt with his nose. I calmly told him to " Go home , and watch out for cars". The big guy did exactly as I told him ... now only of I could get the kids to that! Passed over 6 towards the WGR frmer 2nd of Bentick and then headed South towards Hwy 4. The wind was really strong from the W SW and the temp was a cool 16C ... is this really August. Battled the cool wind for nearly 14K then turned and it was at my back , did my fastest K of the run 4:54 avg with the wind at my back but I instantly felt the heat coming on. Ran past Interforest into Durham , by the Arena and then back to Hwy 4 . Crossed the Saugeen at the middle Dam and headed towards the Beer Store , turned North at then headed up Hwy 6 though the downtown and then crossed the Saugeen again of the old Heritage Bridge. Crossed the Saugeen at the middle dam then into the Tornado ravaged park. I gelled at 1 hour and now I was nearing the 2nd hour so I did and Meal Replacement Drink when I enter the park. The place was empty , I wasn't sure if it was open or not so I continued on through the trail along the river. When I neared the area that the Twister went through there was a fellow sitting in a truck that stopped me. He asked what I was doing and " didn't you see the signs" . I replied no, the trails were open so I though it was OK to proceed. He went on to tell me that the place was still a real mess and asked me to backtrack . I told him " I know what you mean .... I live here" . So I backed track on a trial that took me out to the Conservation area Rd and headed towards the 2nd crossing the path of destruction. One thins that struck besides the trees was a baseboard heater sitting in the ditch ... so out of place. Heading back north on the 2nd I was starting to feel quiet fatigued. The pace was slower at 6:00/K. I was wondering why I was feeling it so much and then it hit me ..... ROOFING . It really takes allot out of you spending days fighting gravity. Feeling so beat up my thoughts turned to Food, I was going to reward my self with Pizza or a Sub or Chinese. I also contemplated the Beer and a Hot Tub before running to town. My thoughts kept turning to food and beer all the was through the last 7K. Walked the last 500m. When I was done I quickly grabbed a Rickard's White Beer and Beer Nuts and was in the Hot Tub in record time.

Managed a faster LSD then the last one , 31.5K done in 3 hours at an average 5:47 pace!

Ah but its not over ... ended up getting two medium pizzas and a 2L Coke. Carrier was out with the kids doing back to school shopping so I fired up the Home Theater and watch the Fred Lebow story " Run For Your Life" . To top off my evening I watched " The Spirit of the Marathon".

A perfect running day I would have to say!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hard trail run

You know its a good day when you get to run twice. After work today it was just to perfect not to run, 22C and Sun. Headed out and did my 11.1 k Trail Run. I ran it as fast as I ever have and finished with a 5:43 avg pace. Mad the legs burn a bit, was feeling it in the hamstrings. My little loop has a couple of gradual climbs followed by short steep decent. I don't think I could run a better trail!

5.5 at lunch

Good thing there is a fitness center at work. Another 5.5K done at a 4:55 pace!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cruise control

Feeling strong tonight , 11K done at a 4:55 pace this evening on my dinner break! More sleep, less stress and a high protein diet as well as a daily run seem to be the ticket.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picking it up a little this evening

Took it indoors again , 12.5K at a 5:00 pace during my dinner hour this evening.

Tough week

Managed to get a 5.5K run in at work yesterday at noon. Going to go at least 10 today , outdoors at lunch... working through the weekend. Its been a tough week , lots of stress at work , busy with the kids and then the Tornado. We escaped any damage but the loss of life at the Conservation Authority really hit me hard. Tuesday I did my LSD though the park. I passed the day camp 5 times , Wednesday my 12 year old spent the day at the park and on Thursday the Tornado hit! I wonder what I will witness on my next LSD!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

32.2K LSD in the Rain

32.2K LSD done in 3:08 at an avg 5:50 pace. It was warm, windy , humid, cloudy, rainy and sunny... I had it all. Loved the rain part , cooled me down! When the sun came back out it was like running in a sauna!

Monday, August 17, 2009

24C with a Humidex close to 30 at 1am !!!!!!

By far I went for a run on the warmest night of 2009. It was 24C with lots of humidity when I headed out at 1 am. It was one of those runs that I wasn't really into , legs had no pop and it was hot but heck I was putting in a few Ks and that's what was important to me!

10.1 K done at a 6:30 pace .... last night , same route 5:30 pace!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another beautiful night run

Working mods today , took an early lunch and did a 10K run , 6K of road with 4K of trail. Avg pace was 5:32 , a very warm 5:32...19C and humid. The southerly breeze felt like it was coming out of a hair dryer. A beautiful summer night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Running after dark

Its getting hot so the best alternative is to run after dark. Did a 10.2K run this evening at an easy 6:06 avg pace .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding some speed

Sometimes you can just run fast and it feels natural, well that was my run tonight. It started quiet slow but at the 8K mark I picked it up and did a 5:09, 4:44 and a 4:42 pace. The remainder of the run was at a faster pace ... it felt great! I am always pondering the idea that even though I go long I can still; run fast. I think running long and slow is a mind set thing , kinda habit forming!

Ended up doing 16.4K at an average 5:38 pace.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10.1K after dark

I am working mids and was trying to sleep. it wasnt working so I jumped out of bed and did a little 10.1 K run after dark.

2 T-Shirts One Day?

Saturday was my running adventure of the year. Quiet a few firsts......

-1st time doing two races in one day.
-1st 5K.
-1st 50 miler.
-1st Overnight race.
-1st time with a pacer.
-1st time starting a race that has been in progress for 7 hours.
-1st race where time wasn’t the goal, it was the distance.

I really don’t know where to begin so I guess I will start with my first race the Colleen Lantz Memorial Run . This was a local 5/10K event in Neustadt. It was so much fun running with so many friends, co workers my wife Carrie and my 9 year old son Noah! This was the second year for this event, I didn’t go last year because it fell on the same day as the OUS Dirty Girls Run. This year the two races fell on the same date again, I wanted to do the DG 12 Hour with a 80K goal and the CL 5K ..... what to do ! Simple.... BOTH.

I had my alarm set for 7:00 am but as is usual for race day I was up at 5 am. This allowed me an hour in the Hot Tub with a pot of Coffee which is always a great way to start the day. I wasn’t sure what to expect of my little local race with 300+ participants but it was fantastic, very well organized in a great venue! Carrie was doing the 5K walk and Noah was in the 5K run with me. I asked Noah if he wanted me to stick with him or try to run as fast as I could and he choose to go it alone.

In spite of the crowds the race started on time at 09:50 am. I have been consistently breaking 20 minutes on the treadmill and was going to attempt to do it on the road. Well as it turns out fell far short of my goal. First K was done in 3:56 but then there was a hill and another and then I was out of O2 and didn’t recover. Before I try to do a sub 20 I better make sure it’s a flat course! The 5K was the longest short race I have ever run! I finished in 22:04 13th out of 195 runners, 3rd in my age group 40-49. Noah did extremely well, 29:01 69th out of 195 runners, 2nd in his age group 9 and under. As you were exiting the start/finish area they provided you with a bag of food, Bagel with Jam, Banana, Gator Aid and a few other goodies. We stuck around for the awards, there was a few words spoken by the Chief of Police , Mayor and a tribute to Colleen. I look forward to doing this one again next year!

We left Neustadt a little after 1pm. I was thinking of the Dirty Girls Race and the remaining hour that the 6 hour folks had. I didn’t waste any time at home, packed my cooler and loaded everything in the Durango and then I was off. The drive to Mansfield was a little over an hour but it seemed a whole lot longer. I was feeling really sleepy and had a slight pain in my Hamstrings. This wasn’t a good feeling knowing what I was about to do!

Arrived in Mansfield around 2:30 pm. There were lots of folks recovering from the 6 hour event, almost as much energy and activity that occurs prior to a race start. I made my way to the trailer, Henry was there tabulating the 6 hour results... he directed my to my race kit. Next I went and visited the starter and advised them that I would be entering the 24 hour event shortly. I headed back to the Durango strategically parked right beside the trail. I stopped and talked to some of the 6 hour finishers took my time yakking but I was getting anxious to start!

I started my first lap at 2:44! I was still feeling a bit tired and had a slight head ache. The Hamstrings were still complaining but it seemed like the sort of thing you just run off! The trial was very well defined from the hundreds of laps that folks had accumulated. I had forgotten just how beautiful Mansifeild is and how runnable the trails are. I passed a few runners on the first loop, I was sure to tell them that I just started. I went out a little fast and finished the first 10K in 70 minutes. As I crossed the start/finish there was a fellow sitting there that commented on my fast lap and asked how my legs were after my previous race... I am not sure who he was?

Before I started the second lap I stopped at the Durango for about 6 minutes, toweled off and changed my shirt and I ate a Yogurt and grabbed an ice cold bottle of water. Lap 2 was my "Music Lap”, I rocked to my tunes loving every minute. The legs were OK and the head ache was gone and I was really enjoying the moment. I did this lap a little faster, just a bit over an hour.... oops!

Before I started my third lap I stopped for about 10min! Once again I toweled off and changed my shirt. I had 500 ml of Chocolate Milk as well as a Snickers Bar and Pretzels. The volume of the Milk was a little too much, didn’t cause any issues bit I could feel it sitting in the stomach. I was starting to slow after the first two quick laps, did this one closer to 80 minutes. This was the lap where it really started to rain. It was warm, somewhere around 18C so the rain was welcome. The air was really heavy and it made for some tough breathing. I was also really starting to overheat and was getting slightly dehydrated so I upped the fluid intake!

Before I started my fourth lap it was the same routine, towel off change the shirt and eat. This time it was an Ensure with Pretzels and Water. Grabbed a bottle of GU 2O and was really trying to get the fluids in. Packed a Coked next to a block of ice so it would be really cold! It was really raining hard , it was around 6:30 pm when I headed back out but it was already getting dark in the forest with the cloud cover. I figured I would be done this loop before 8pm so I didn’t grab the lighting gear! I was still slowing down a little but I was still running every thing but the big hills. Caught up with Kinga Miklos on this loop, we chatted a bit and passed each other a few times. She was on her 8th loop and was running at the same pace as me on my 4th! Finished this loop in around 85 minutes, this was the pace I was hoping to hold for the next 40K.

Stopped at the Darango again for a quick Yougurt and Water as well as a few pretzels. Toweled off and once again changed my shirt. I was beginning to appreciate the fresh feeling of the quick change but the effect didn’t last long as it was still raining quiet heavily. Before I headed out on loop 5 I dawned my lighting system. There was still a fair bit of light when I headed out around 8:20 pm. I was really pumped about it getting dark. I was also hoping that the dark would help me to slow my pace a bit and it did. Several times on the 5th loop I found that my heart rate was a little high so I walked for a bit to get it to drop. Breathing was a bit heavy and my chest was a little tight. It was a combination of going too hard and the heavy air ... I think! Time for this loop about the same as the last , 83 minute. The consistent time for loop 4 and 5 was very encouraging.

Before heading out on the 6th loop I took a long break, close to 30 minutes. Of course I toweled off and changed my shirt. This time I cracked an Ice Cold Can of Coke and downed a Snickers Bar as well as Pretzels. The Coke tasted SO incredibly good ... amazing! This was also the first time that I sat , my back was very sore. Fortunately it only hurt when I stopped. I called my Wife Carrie , filled her in on my intention to go the 100K and she was concerned and talked me in to sticking with my original plan 80K! I also checked with the starter just to make sure they got all my laps only to find that they has missed one.. OOPS. It wasn’t a problem getting it corrected. Started the 6th loop at 10:05 pm. I was still feeling really good. I was also starting to wonder when I would see Gary, my pacer. We tentatively planned on him joining me around midnight so I figured this would be my last lap on my own. Did the 6th loop in 85 minutes, again very consistent. I was still running everything except the hills.

I meet Gary at the start finish before heading out on the 7th loop. I asked him to give me a few minutes while I toweled off and changed my shirt and had a bite. The Yogurt seemed to be working pretty good so I downed another! I took another 3o minutes to eat, change and yak. Gary was encouraging me to get moving! Started the 7th loop at midnight. I wasn’t sure what to expect having pacer but it didn’t take long and I was really really happy that I had one. It was so nice to have someone to chat with. I didn’t realize how much I was staring to focus on the aches and pains. I followed Gary and let him set the pace, this worked very well. On a coupe of occasions I asked him to walk for a bit so I could recover my heart rate again... Shortly after the 5 K aide station we paused for a moment and turned out lights off ... it was so cool total black, couldn’t see your hand in from of your face but when you looked up there was a bit of light peaking through the leaves. We did this loop in 90 minutes, a great pace!

The 8th and final loop was by far the toughest. I am sure it was all mental because I knew that I didn’t have to go back out so everything took on a new dimension. It was almost like I gave into the idea that this was hard and I was getting tired. I really believe that if I had of planned on going out again this loop would have been totally different. Gary said that I was getting a bit "Loopy" and I would have to agree. I was confused at the Durango and forgot to Towel off and change my shirt. I ate another Snickers Bar and washed it down with Gator Aide. I had a real craving for Sweet things; I was surprised because in the 50K events that used Gels I loose the desire to eat sweet around 30K. This final loop was kind of magical and also a bit of a blur, some details escape me and others are etched in my mind! We headed out around 1:40 am, I wanted to walk more and Gary had to get me moving! We came across some of the most interesting folks on the last loop. Gary was telling me about the Canadian Death Race. As he was describing the run a fellow who was pacing a Woman we had just passed spoke up and said that he was one of the 71 finishers!!!! What are the odds of that at 2am in the middle of the forest? Gary and I were amazed at the fact that he finished the race! I am not sure what the question was but the fellow said that it was really tough but the thing that kept him going was "seeing the sun rise as you crest the top of a mountain " .... it gave me the shivers! Caught up with Theresa McGrath last years Trophy Series winner, followed her and her pacer for a couple of Ks! Finished the last loop around 3:30 and in 105 minutes, not bad but definitely slowing allot.

I feel like I could of could have done a couple of more loops but I had already decided 80K was good enough. I look forward to returning next year for yet another new distance ... 100K!

I didn’t stick around too long after finishing. I popped 3 Advil jumped in my car and was home at 5:00am. A quick shower and bed, slept until 1pm. When I got up I had a massive hunger on that prompted my favorite Bacon and Eggs. I had absolutely no muscle pain anywhere, no aches to speak of. My feet were perfect, not a single blister. I did however suffer from bouts of an overwhelming tired feeling but that was gone by Monday. Did a little 10K Tuesday Eve before I went in at Midnight. I am good to go again, no LSD on the books until I finish my mids , Monday or Tuesday.

Garmin Data for 5K...

Garmin Data for 80K...

The 80K data is not complete , Garmin started acting funny when the Battery was getting low but it does pretty much pain the picture of my run.

I almost forgot.... the results! There was no time goal , it was all about just doing 80K. The results made me laugh , I started the race 6hours and 44 minutes late and ended it 4hours 30minutes early. Breaks and all I covered the 80K in 12 hours and 45 minutes. Officially my finish time was 19hours 33minutes and I finished 26 out of 28 runners, 17Th out of 19 Males and 10Th of 10 runners in may age group 45 and over!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

5.5k this evening

Just an easy little 5.5K run this evening , brought it up to 5K Race pace for a few hundred meters then back down to an easy LSD type pace. I was originally going to run on the treadmill at work but its failed!!!! There was a brief moment of what am I going to do ... how silly of me , take it outside dummy!

Body is just not feeling up to snuff for what I am about to put it through this weekend. I feel really tired and its hard to pick it up! I think the solution is a couple of Beers and a bag of Gummy Bears at midnight! Its probably just not enough Beer and too much Coffee. Caffeine overload plays havoc with the spunk system.

I am pretty much ready for Sat , ICE and Cooler and all the goodies necessary for a low intensity long duration event. I have never counted calories so much .... need about 1000/Hour!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trading roofing for running!

Finished up with the "big roof" Monday afternoon, now my focus is on running! Two races this Saturday , my first 5K and 50 Miler in the same day ... cant wait.

Last night I tested my lighting system with a trail run at 1:00 am. In addition to my headlamp I now have a second light on my belt clip. It really helped to cut down on shadows and when I look away I still have light on the trail. Ran some rocky , rooty , technical trails and didn't have any problems. It was such a lovely night to run , 21C and almost a full moon with cotton ball clouds. It really reminded me of a Caribbean night... warm and embracing. I also carried my Bear Bell so as not to startle any critters , it worked! I sounded like Santa coming through the woods! I ran somewhere between 12 and 13K at a real slow pace... have to check the Garmin data.

This evening I am working so I hit the treadmill for a 5K run at dinner! Started off real slow then at 3 K I picked it up to a 4:00 pace for until 4K then I slowly geared down to my finish.

Made a trip to Owen Sound today for another pair of trail shoes. I killed my Adidas Super Novas roofing!

I am planning on changing regularly during the DG overnight run , shoes , shorts , socks and shorts....going to stay fresh! Been thinking allot about the cooler I am going to pack! Chocolate Milk and Water , Chocolate Cookies, Yogurt , Snickers Bars , Gummie Bears, Meal Replacement Drinks and Beer! I am going to try tyo get a keep tabs on the calorie intake . Need to eat at least 10K over the course of the run.

Tomorrow and Thurs I am going to do a couple of more 5Ks easy. One more 1K sprint at a 4:00 pace! Friday is all rest and prep!