Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roofing Not Running

Roofing not Running this week but I did get the important ones in....

My Wife Carrie really wanted to learn to run so we had our first lesson on Tuesday Evening. We did 3K at an avg 9:31 pace. Started with doing 1 and 2's .... a good combo to start. When she was running it was at a 6:30 pace and the walk was quick around a 9:00 pace. She really enjoyed it and was really happy I did all the talking. I hope to get her out today for another crack at it.

Garmin data ....

I had a good stretch off work this week and the weather was favourable for roofing so I was at it Wed/Thurs/Fri. It was tedious working directly above the pool. It was an area of about 400 sq feet but it was really tricky as two perimeters had the shingles under the siding... took a ton of time and effort to dig them out. I am nearing completion of the project , 90% of the shingles are down with 30% of the work remaining. I better get going and finish ... shingles and cool weather don't mix.

Saturday was LSD day! It was a rainy cool start to the day so it started rather slow. In the back of my mind from the get go was the planned run. It was almost like I was finding things to do to put it off as long as I could! In the afternoon it started to clear off a bit so I managed to get out the door by 1:00 pm. I instantly got in to it , I was so happy to be doing anything other then roofing. I picked up the pace early on , wanted to make it more difficult in the later stages of the run and I wasn't disappointed. Headed down the 2nd toward Durham , cut off at the edges rd towards hwy 6. Past the farm on the South side about half way to hwy 6 I was joined by a rather large Doberman , he was running parallel to me on the opposite side of the road. I stopped , he crossed and came over to me and he poked me in the butt with his nose. I calmly told him to " Go home , and watch out for cars". The big guy did exactly as I told him ... now only of I could get the kids to that! Passed over 6 towards the WGR frmer 2nd of Bentick and then headed South towards Hwy 4. The wind was really strong from the W SW and the temp was a cool 16C ... is this really August. Battled the cool wind for nearly 14K then turned and it was at my back , did my fastest K of the run 4:54 avg with the wind at my back but I instantly felt the heat coming on. Ran past Interforest into Durham , by the Arena and then back to Hwy 4 . Crossed the Saugeen at the middle Dam and headed towards the Beer Store , turned North at then headed up Hwy 6 though the downtown and then crossed the Saugeen again of the old Heritage Bridge. Crossed the Saugeen at the middle dam then into the Tornado ravaged park. I gelled at 1 hour and now I was nearing the 2nd hour so I did and Meal Replacement Drink when I enter the park. The place was empty , I wasn't sure if it was open or not so I continued on through the trail along the river. When I neared the area that the Twister went through there was a fellow sitting in a truck that stopped me. He asked what I was doing and " didn't you see the signs" . I replied no, the trails were open so I though it was OK to proceed. He went on to tell me that the place was still a real mess and asked me to backtrack . I told him " I know what you mean .... I live here" . So I backed track on a trial that took me out to the Conservation area Rd and headed towards the 2nd crossing the path of destruction. One thins that struck besides the trees was a baseboard heater sitting in the ditch ... so out of place. Heading back north on the 2nd I was starting to feel quiet fatigued. The pace was slower at 6:00/K. I was wondering why I was feeling it so much and then it hit me ..... ROOFING . It really takes allot out of you spending days fighting gravity. Feeling so beat up my thoughts turned to Food, I was going to reward my self with Pizza or a Sub or Chinese. I also contemplated the Beer and a Hot Tub before running to town. My thoughts kept turning to food and beer all the was through the last 7K. Walked the last 500m. When I was done I quickly grabbed a Rickard's White Beer and Beer Nuts and was in the Hot Tub in record time.

Managed a faster LSD then the last one , 31.5K done in 3 hours at an average 5:47 pace!

Ah but its not over ... ended up getting two medium pizzas and a 2L Coke. Carrier was out with the kids doing back to school shopping so I fired up the Home Theater and watch the Fred Lebow story " Run For Your Life" . To top off my evening I watched " The Spirit of the Marathon".

A perfect running day I would have to say!

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