Thursday, July 30, 2009

29.6K LSD at a 6:00 avg pace

Another stellar day for an LSD and today I was into it. It felt right , I was at home , everything was A OK but I am missing a little speed but the stamina is way up!!!!!! I am ready to do the Dirty in 9 days , this was my last LSD until then!
Compared to my last LSD 6 days ago this was a breeze. I enjoyed just about every minute. It was smooth sailing all the way to 12K , an easy 6:21 avg pace. 13 and 14K was done at just shy of a 5:00 pace. It caused me to heat up an this was the first time I felt fatigued. It took a couple of Ks to cool down , gelled for the first time at 90 minutes and I was fine. When I hit the last 8K I picked it up again between 5:00 and 5:30 avg pace. The Garmin DB was full and it stopped recording data at 28K !
This is my last LSD before 24 hours of Dirty Girls Aug 8th. On Aug 8th I am also doing a short 5K run ... sub 20 ?????? I don't feel fast right now . The roof work is taking its total , I believe its helping me to build stamina but I have sacrificed some speed ...we will see!
This weekend I have another couple of days of roof work. I want to be done by Monday so I can rest up for race as well as do some short speed work early in the with some easy going little runs Thurs and Fri.

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