Saturday, July 25, 2009



Yup I finally got an LSD in last night. A slow one but it was all about just doing it! Did 28.5K at an avg 6:18 pace. Had a couple of walking breaks at 90 min, 135min and I walked the last 400m as a cool down.

Now it was a tough run, felt hard until I passed 90 min then it wasn't too bad. The weather was so nice, Sun/Cloud mix high humidity around 24C at the start and closer to 20C at the end. My last 8K up the 2nd were nice , the Sun was lower in the sky.. it had cooled down a bit and it was just really pretty!

Roofing today...maybe , weather is iffy. I am waiting and watching.

I am thinking a trial run tomorrow, Maybe today if the weather doesn't improve.

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