Sunday, May 31, 2009

28K LSD Yesterday

The day started out great, Sun , 18C and a strong wind from the SW. Headed out towards Durham. Headed West on the McCormick Rd past Hwy 6 and then turned South on the 2nd of Bentick, this route gave me 5K of tractor trails...well sheltered from the wind! The 2nd on Bentick was almost head on into a really strong but not too cold wind. It was 7K into the wind, it was getting really strong ! Turning towards Durham on hwy 4 I had the wind at my back and turned a quick 4:42K. Stopped briefly a couple of times in Durham. Once to refill my water bottle and another time to buy a picnic table....which I latter returned to pick up! I didn't spend a whole lot of time in town, I added some extra Ks early in the LSD, headed out through the conservation area.. it was getting cooler and I had lost the Sun. Did a meal replacement drink at around 20K , no gels today! When I turned North on the 2nd of Glenelg there was a big black cloud to the NW. 8K to go and it was looking like I was going to run through a storm! I didn't hear any Thunder , I could handle the rain but I was concerned for my iPod. Normally I have a plastic bag to tuck the electronics away but today I didn't! So I picked up the pace hoping the weather would hold off 5:37 , 4:57, 5:18 ...some hills involved! As I was going along I was predicting when the weather would close in! 5K to go and it was really getting dark, cold but the good thing was three was a strong wind at my back pushing me along. 3K to go and it was starting to rain, fairly light but I expected it to change. The rain got progressively heavier , there was some thunder and lightening and the wind was getting stronger! The last K was done in heavy rain, strong winds and it was cold.... hustled and manged to make it home at the peak of the storm. My wife was ready to come rescue me, car keys in hand. The kids were all watching out the window wondering if I was OK! The storm passed quick so I jumped in the hot tub for my "cool down". An hour or so after I was done I was feeling rather faint. The week before I went 24K further and felt OK.... what was it? I suspected the pace , averaged 5:33 vs 6:30 a weak ago. But I was more suspicious of the electrolytes , did 750ml Gu2O , a few hundred ml of water , and 8oz energy replacement drink and no gels! Lat week I gelled every 45 min, drank lots too. I have felt faint before when I went long or hard and didn't take in enough! A shorter run on the books for today .... not sure where or how long but I am thinking trail.

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