Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the Trail Again

Just a little 11.2K +683/-677m trail run this evening before dinner. This was my first local trail run of the season. Up until mid April there was too much snow, when it melted I was doing Seaton then a week later Waterloo. Went out hard , legs told me so after a few Ks. I was doing Fire Wood all day so it probably didn't help with the run. The chest felt heavy, 02 was art a premium. It was kind of cool. 10C and lots of wind. Highlight of the run was scaring an Owl out of its roost. Its not often that you get to see these magnificent creatures so close. More fire wood on the books tomorrow, does that count as cross training? I may hit the trail again for a couple of loops but more then likely I will do an LSD 25-30K at an easy pace!

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