Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easy Trail Today

OK, I have to admit I really didn't know what to run today , road/trail/tempo/easy! There is always something that occurs that makes my mind up for me. As I was staring out the window a truck went by and there was a massive cloud of dust... they graded the road yesterday! OK that was easy I was taking it to the trail!

I did my "classic trail run" today , 11.19 km. I didn't want to go out hard with the 10K road race on Saturday so I decided to run it like I was doing a 50k Ultra. My goal was a 6:30 pace ... I tried to keep it nice and easy with the exception of 3 sprints of a 200m on the short road sections at a 4:30 pace. Now the really cool part is that I didn't look at the avg pace, only glanced at the current pace when I did the sprints and my Garmin reported a 6:27 pace!
Tomorrow I have my 5K Run Clinic , should fit well! Friday I think I will do a few easy Ks with a couple of sprints to race speed.

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