Sunday, February 8, 2009

Speedy this morn....

OK, once again I had to prove to myself that yes indeed I can run sorta fast!
I wanted to mimic next weeks 8 mile race while keeping an eye on the heart rate. Started a 1:00 am by taking my resting hr, to my surprise it was 49 bpm. All that base building appears to be paying off! So , on to the run. First 2 Ks were building from a 5:00 pace to a 4:30 pace. At 2K I was doing 4:30 and I held it here for another 10K then geared down a the 12K mark ending 12.8 km in 58:40.
At the 2K mark until the 12K marks I held at a 4:30 pace. HR was interesting to watch averages were 3K 140, 4K 146, 5K 150, 6K 152, 7K 155, 8K 156, 9K 158, 10K 160, 11K 161, 12K 163. The gradual rise was quiet interesting to observe! 12-13K was the start of a cool down at 157 bpm. After 13K I did 2 more as a cool down and ended the run walking with a hr of 126 bpm.
I didn't feel too stressed until I passed 160 bpm then I felt like I was going behind a bit. I let the Garmin run for another 11 Min's after I was done running , at the end the HR was down to 92 bpm!
There is no doubt that the base building that I have been doing is having a huge effect on my overall fitness level.
I weighed in too, but naked after the run it was 180.9 lbs. I enter the Clydesdale class next week . 180 - 200 lbs! If I can get near the 60 min mark I should make the podium!
So , the prediction . After tonight's run my 8 mile predictions , Bronze 65:00 min, Silver 62:30 and Gold 60:00. I am confident in being well under 65:00 but how close to 60:00 is up in the air!
Going forward I will do an LSD tomorrow , 20K at a 5:45 or 5:30 pace. Monday rest , Tues and easy 10 on the road , Wed ?? , Thurs and Fri easy 5Ks and the reset on Sat prior to the Sunday race.


Vava said...

I'm sure that's a typo - resting heart rate of 149bpm! I think 49bpm is what you must have meant, and that is a great resting HR to be sure. If for some reason this was not a typo, see a cardiologist!!!

Vava said...

I just finished reading the entire post - you are damned fast! Nice going!!!

West Grey Runner said...

Thanks Vava , the resting HR is 49....that what you get for blogging in the wee morning hours!