Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold LSD today , 23 km Durham Loop

Sort of a good day for an LSD run. It was Sunny ... that's good and very little breeze but it was cold, -8C ! I have more or less avoided the long runs in the cold but the Sun and lack of wind were calling me to take it outside. I did the "Durham Loop" , same route as Feb 2. I took nearly 12 minutes off my previous time with a HR increase of only 4 bpm! Conditions today were a little better then Feb 2 , 90% of my running surface was bare road , I wasn't running with my studs on either! Did my Gel at the Durham Rd Hill , 9K mark. Walked to maintain my heart rate while going up the hill and eating the Gel. Coming into Durham is a steep downhill for about a half K then a less of a drop for another half.... lets just say I "Flew into town". Last 8K up the second was better then the previous couple of times I have done the route this year. Hands were getting really cold. I microwaved my Gator Aid before I started and it really was a nice hand warmer for the first half of the run! I was pretty good with the hills , really didn't change pace and didn't even really notice them. Last time I did this route I remembered thinking , 5 more hills ... 4 more hills etc and really having a tough go of it. When I got home I made a box of macaroni then jumped in the hot tub for an hour! Going skiing tomorrow so I think the first day of March will be runnless!

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