Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tough run today

Didn't really feel up to it but I managed to get out the door and in a couple of Ks it was a go! Managed 17K +340m -360m at a 5:44 pace , Avg HR 151 BPM. It was a pretty reasonable late February day when I started . -3C , overcast and a light breeze. Well the temps hung in there but it really started to snow and there was a bit of wind here and there. Wasnt sure when I headed out how far or exactly where. I ended up going North on the 2nd for 7K to the Holland/Glenelg town line. Usually I turned around and head back but today I decided to head east on the town line to the baseline and then back South. The journey east was into a strong wind , two big hills and 2Ks later I tuned South on the baseline heading back. Instantly I lost the wind and was on a very narrow road with no ditch ....cedars right up to the road. It was one of those running moments of bliss when it all comes together! I really started to fatigue coming down the baseline . I knew I should take in some carbs but I didn't want to pause and end up getting chilled so I carried on. I did have a few hundred mils of concentrated Gator Aide that helped. The baseline ended at Grey rd 12 and I had a 2K run due West in the heavy snow but I had a good tail wind that pushed me along! When I got home I quickly stripped , grabbed a tall glass of chocolate milk and hit the hot tub for an hour!

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