Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shake Out Run

6.6Ks logged late this afternoon.  Really didn't feel a whole lot like running but I wanted to get out and stretch the legs.  Headed North on the 2nd.  Had some trouble early on with my right foot...stopped and .adjusted the metatarsal supports but it didn't help.  Stopped again and removed the support..helped a little.  Then stopped again and put the support back in and all this before logging 2Ks.   Turned around at the 2.5K mark and things finally started to settle down but the "Deer Flies" ruined the moment ..ouch.   So I was ready to give up but came up with the brilliant idea to run the trail I but over the past week.  Its not quite a loop yet but I did add 1.6K running my "lollipop".  The hill was slippery after the rain so I had to walk the steep part. For what its worth the Garmin reported + 97m/-115m.    Its going to be really cool when I get my trail completed ...will be back at it tomorrow!

My trail so far ....

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