Thursday, January 13, 2011

Running in Mexico

Been away , been trying to run. Pleased to say it coming back after being sick for the past 3 weeks.....

Friday Jan 7

First run today since last Thursday…I am so frustrated not being able to run due to the Bronchitis that I am currently suffering from. Sleeping is a challenge! I am on Vacation in Playa de Carmen arriving on Wednesday and just did my first run here today. Managed a 11.9k run on the beach...spiting and sputtering all the way but I figured after 4 days of Antibiotics its kill or cure time. It was getting pretty hot out when I headed out at 10:24 , that combined with my laboured breathing made for a very slow run but I really didn’t care. I was running! Drank a bottle of water and ran out a K before I finished. Headed to the bar , lined up a 2oz shot of Dark Rum , Beer and Water! I was feeling pretty congested but the Rum cured that! Looking forward to getting back the fitness I have lost the last two weeks. Maybe I can go a little longer tomorrow!

Sunday Jan 9

OK , feeling a little bit better I decided to head out for a longer run today. Its was 48 hours to recover from Fridays run but strangely enough I still had muscle pain. Spent the first hour sputtering and spitting away, lungs still heavy from my Bronchitis. I was determined to go a full 2 hours, what ever the distance. Managed to log 16.1 K at a very slow 7:10 pace. It was a better run but I still have a ling way to go before I can get back where I was Dec 24!

Tues Jan 11

Still have muscle pain since the “ long” run , Sunday took allot out of me. Lungs felt very good prior to heading out but it didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t out of the wood yet. There was a huge improvement in the O2 intake but I still was coughing a bit. This run was late in the day heading out at 4:20 pm, it was hot around 25C and very humid but there was a good breeze and the sun was obscured by clouds. I didn’t have a ton of time so I decided an hours run would be my goal. Managed a faster pace in spite of the heat, 5:55 min/k and covered a total of 10.5K. It now Wed and no muscle pain so I really feel like the legs are back on track. It will probably be another week or 2 before the lungs join the party.

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