Friday, September 19, 2008

30K LSD today , not without trouble!

I tried to do this run yesterday but just wasn't up to it, to tired to

just not at all into it ....weird! So I made sure I got a decent nights sleep , bed at 10pm up at 5 am hot tub , meal , get he kids off and I was ready!

Headed out at 08:30 , 8C and a stiff breeze from the SE and clear. Had shorts, comp shirt and over it a tech T and my new Buff! Chilly at first , took awhile for the legs to warm up ! I can always tell what kind of a LSD I am going to have when I hit the 8K mark , today something was not quiet right and I knew it would be a chore! I drank hammer gel/water and ate sport beams at 8K , by 17K the water was gone so I stopped at MACs and got a power aid... beans were done at 21K . Did the half in about 1:55 ...not bad for part of an LSD, I wasn't given er ! At about 15K my right leg started to cramp, wasn't sure if it was a muscle or a knee thing it just felt tight. This became a huge problem past 25K , it was so still and started to hurt I walked for a half a K , ran then repeated this a couple of more times until I got home. I have had this sort of thing once before but not as bad and it went away, today it didn't !

Even with the walk I ended up with a 5:40 pace. Got home , jumped into the hot tub with a glass of ice water , 2 boiled eggs and some potatoe salid! I feel OK a couple of hours later but the right leg is a little iffy, nothing a day or two of rest cant cure...I hope.

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