Friday, September 5, 2008

29K not so slow LSD today

29K not so slow LSD today , fastest LSD ever! Linear distance on the Garmin was 28K there was a 1K change in elevation and the Garmin pace was 5:33, factor in the elevation and it was an overall 5:22 pace.

Weather was overcast , strong SW Wind and temps around 21C at the start which changed to 17 at the end! Got rained on at 8K, it was rather OK because I was starting to really heat up.

Today was also a confidence builder, haven't run and entire LSD is about 6 weeks . Dirty Girls and Beaver Valley was run/walk/break scenario! So it was good to run for 2:35 and cover 29K.

Only drank 1 700ml bottle of water with 5 tbsp of Hammer Gel. At 10K I started with the Sport Beans. Its probably a mind thing but every time I slowed a bit or felt fatigued I popped one and presto ... picked up the pace and felt like I had more to give. Anyway they worked ... I rally like them because , they taste good, they work and don't require a ton of water to wash them down.

The last 8K back on the 2ND was fast but I was beginning to feel the pain. Muscles were burning a bit , knees and feet were a bit sore. On a positive note I left the compression shirt at home, wore a loose tech short and didn't get the cold uncomfortable tight feeling.

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