Monday, September 8, 2008

On the trail again!

It was a cool , dark and rainy eve... perfect for a run! Headed out
three time before I got the clothing right. First time it was shorts,
compression shorts and a Tech T over it ... too cold. Next attempt was minus the Tech T instead I had bu Sagomi Shell ... too cool on the legs.... third attempt was running pants instead of shorts !
Was going to do tunes but just as I headed out I decided to leave the music at home...

So off I went , I the rain and on the trail! Temps were 12C , steady rain and no wind. The sound of the rain drops on the leaves was hypnotic. After 4K I was staring to get HOT ... removed my cap and let some heat out! A short time later I started to feel allot more comfortable, when my compression short was soaked with sweet the Shell started to do what it was suppose to , breath ! by 8K I was really quiet comfortable , almost cool!

It was getting quiet dark and I was starting to have a hard time seeing details in the trail . Its quiet rough where I run and there was a really big danger in rolling an ankle. Took it real easy in the tough sections just to make sure .

Not the fastest run and thats OK , it was good to be out.

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