Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recovery Run +

5K done at a mostly 6:00 pace.   It hut more at first then settled but there was always a bit of muscle pain.  

In addition to a bit of no big deal muscle pain I have a heat rash which tells me my core was a bit too hot for too long yesterday.  Thats probably what slowed me down more then anything... the body get what it wants!

I didn't mention my shoes in the R4K report.  I wore my Mizuno Wave Elixer 8's with the metatarsal supports.   Its a really lite shoe with little stability ,  a great feeling on the heal with almost no cushioning off the toe.   I always figured they would make a good 10K maybe even 1/2 shoe but going longer ... no way.  Last week I wore them on my treadmill runs and was quite surprised that they really agreed with my feet.     So I gave them a shot and they were fantastic ,  no foot pain ,  no blisters ...perfect for the 56.5K on the track!

Grant has a really good day yesterday covering 56k.   looking at his splits he ran a very consistent pace and didn't waver at all.   He nailed the nutrition and hydration and it showed...way to be Grant!

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