Monday, January 20, 2014

Glad I Did

Wasn't sure what I wanted to do yesterday.    I felt great but was sleepy tired as a result of being  quite gassy after all the Chilly I ate at the Frosty Saturday.   Originally I decided to fit a 16K on the treadmill at work.  I had to do some running around later in the day and would be passing Allan Park so I though why not.    As is so often the case plans changed  and I started watching RADX that had a program about a camp at the N Pole and one segment featured the “North Pole Marathon”.     At 4:pm I met my Father In-law in Williamsford  to transport  our youngest friend back to his place on the 2nd.   Around 5pm or there abouts on of my Middle Children still had not left Waterloo yet … I was to pick him up sometime Sunday Eve in Hanover.   My dear wife was in the process of making a Stew and didn't have many Potatoes so I made a quick trip down the 2nd to Echardts for a bag of Spuds.  Dam near got stuck going down the 2nd so I headed back up Hwy #6 and across Grey Rd 12.    Now making it back around 5:45 pm I learned that the “Middle had just left Waterloo … BINGO ,  I still had time to get a Run in.     Told my Wife that I was going to the GYM and would run for 1 hour and then need 10min to shower before getting “Middle” in Hanover.    I also  had to make a trip to Walkerton before Hanover to drop some stuff off for “Oldest” Sons family.   Figured I may keep “Middle” waiting for a bit. 

I don’t often include much about anything  other then running in my Blog.  The reason of the above is because I wanted to demonstrate that I am “always fitting it in”.  As much as I Love to Run its not my priority and it doesn't have to be….I fit it in to my life its just that simple!   There is the odd day when I don’t find the time to fit it in but it doesn't happen very often.  I average about 2 races/month year after year and I would have to say that that is one time that it does get rather intrusive after all lacing up in a past time ,  a hobby something that gives back far more then I put in!  

So I Ran ,  yep I fir it in and it felt marvelous.     Starting is always a touch uncomfortable but not last night.  Nothing hurt and it felt like I was already warmed up.   Felt so good that I stretched it out to a 12Ker at a mostly 5:30 pace.     Reflected allot on what I did at the Frosty and looked forward to what I need to do between now and the LS100!   

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