Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well that was different!

Planned on an indoor run today but the road to Owen Sound was closed so that put a damper on my plans.   Decided to take it outside for a 10K just to get my Run on.  It was snowing hard,  very windy and temps around-10C.  Had a tough tough time wrapping my head around getting out the door.  Shed a tear as I passed on my shorts for a pair of tights!    Wore my Addida Super Noava Gortex for the first time.   Combined with my Gator they kept my feet warm  and dry.   Heading North on the 2nd I was into the wind....must admit really didn't enjoy that much.  Turning around 5K out the wind at my back things started to come together and I was actually starting to enjoy the moment.   Pulled the plug at 10K satisfied that I got it done.     Going to try to get up to the Y tomorrow.  

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