Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Bad Idea #21031102"

Another fun run in Dunedin is in the books or should i say blogged about!  Vertical Pierre was at it again and put together a fun run better know as " Bad Idea #21031102".

Race started at 6:00 am and was staged from the Dunedin, Ontario Community Center.     Originally I was thinking 50 Miles ,  then that became 50K and after the HH swollen leg it was just going to be a long one.   I worked until midnight and was aiming for a noon start and that more or less what I did.   Its a 13K loop ,  half Bruce Trail single track and half tractor trails and back roads.   I headed out in the opposite direction climbing " Lavender Hill".  Determined to run it I made it all 1.6K with a vertical gain of some wheres around 130 meters averaging a 7:40 pace .... not a bad warm up.   It was about another K to the trail head and about 5K to the other road section and aide station.  I was full of ideas about what I wanted to do.   Decided I didn't want to do the 5 or so Ks of road after the trail and decided to loop back when I reached the end of the section logging somewhere around 15K. When I got to the AS I decided to run the "Creemore" road West towards 124.  I was going to turnaround sooner but after the stop and go trail stuff the road was a nice way to stretch the legs.     Took allot of video on the way out so I was quicker coming back.   When I got to the end of the trail section I decided to follow the Bruce Trail a bit further and ended up running into Lavender.   Decided to continue the Bruce a bit further past the community along the road looking for the trail head again but tuned back a couple of Ks later heading for where the day began.   I didn't do any nutrition ,  no electrolytes just a bit if a water and 3.5 hours in I was starting to feel the lack of calories.   When I got to the finish I was 1.5K shy of 25K so did a little out and back ending the day at 25.0K  in 3hrs45mins.    

The weather was a bit of  rain and snow as well as overcast and rather breezy in the open.  Temps hovered just above freezing.  There had been a to of rain over the past day or so and the trail was a little mucky here and there.  The #1 hazard besides the cliffs was moss covered rocks.   Work my Saucony Exodus Gortex shoes and they rocked....almost dry feet.   Wore the tights to keep the legs warmer after 6 hours in the cold and wet at HH last week.  They were comfortable but felt like they were falling down!   Had my RonHill water proof ,  breathable shell with the Mizuno Breath Thermal under and of course top it off with a compression hat and gloves.   I used my Hydration vest which was a little bit of a mistake as it covered up the vents on  the jacket besides I didn't consumer much water as it really wasn't needed.

Afterwards I talked with Pierre, Sharon and Stephan over a bowl of soup and beer before I made my way home satisfied that I logged decent LSD Run.

Video to follow!

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