Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loopy Tuesday

Didn't get  to run yesterday .   Headed to Blue in the am  with the intention of doing a 5K on the treadmill on my meal break but things didn't work out that way burning my meal break to transport one of my children home.  Had to do the same thing this eve on my meal break so I took it outside today.   There was a few inches of fresh snow so it took a bit to pack it down. The snow wasn't packing very well and it wasn't adhered to the ground to there was allot of extra energy going into the run.    It was pretty cold today  around -9C with a bit of light snow.   I have had a pressing cold feeling across the top of my shoulders so I decided to do a loose fitting Tech T over my Mizuno Breathe Thermal all topped off with my Ron Hill Shell.   I was a we bit overdressed removing the compression hat 10 minutes into the run.    All and all pretty comfortable to slightly too warm for most of my 95 minutes.   In spite of wearing two pairs of gloves the hands go a little chilly.   Logged 11.2K today....maybe Ski tomorrow,  maybe run.  

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