Monday, March 11, 2013

Testing testing 1,2,3

Ok ,  a little further tonight ...still holding my breath ( Ass ) .

Yesterdays runs were really positive so I wanted to go further this morning thinking 10K.    

Hit the treadmill around midnight ,  2 Advil and hour earlier.   No pain more of a stiff feeling when I quickly cranked it up to a 5:30 pace.    I don't feel all the fluid far from the way I normally feel when I run.  I was paying close attention to form trying to prevent the oh so common compensation injury.  Mentally I am really beat up as this was my furthest run since March 2.   Knowing that its going to be uncomfortable to mildly painful also makes it tough to get going and even keep going.    I wanted to take walk break 2K in but I kept going concerning myself to run through 5K at the 5:30 pace.   5K in I decided not to give in and was leaning towards going 10K but reminded myself not to push it so I opted to run through 7K the do a 1K cool down.

So I logged a stiff but relatively pain free  8K at a mostly 5:30 pace tonight.   Now its wait and see!  

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