Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not so good!

After some encouraging results over the weekend I am quite disappointed today.    Went to the Gym this morning and logged 5.5K on the treadmill.   More or less ran the first 5K with a couple of short walk breaks.  At 5K I took a longer walk break but when I tried to run again it hurt too much so I stopped.   I then jumped on the elliptical and to my surprise I was able to use it more or less pain free so I logged 30 minutes on the machine.  

 Today was the first Advil free Run and well it didn't work out so well!   Got home and took some and I am aching while blogging waiting for it to kick in.   So I am really not sure what I should be doing now,  run,  don't run I am not sure it really matters.     So I will keep poking away,  its either going to get better or worse...juries out!  

1 comment:

Anne said...

did i mention I think it is your hips?
MY two cents is maybe you should talk to somebody about it, it seems like this has been going on awhile.