Saturday, March 9, 2013

Giving in

 Skipped running yesterday.   After a Days Sleep I got up and walked around normally ,  pain free for about an hour.    After sitting on my Ass for a bit a dull ache returned ,  not a big deal really.   I have a full week of Skiing and Running coming up so I am going to skip this mornings Run too.  

 Its only been a week now since I cam up lame but it seems like forever.   I was on a pretty good roll completing more then a month of "Speed Work" in preparation for some shorter Spring Races.   The Re-Frigee-Eighter results were encouraging.     I wanted to get ATB around a 5:00 pace or slightly better nut now I am not so sure.  If ATB was this weekend then I would have a Bib for sale but I am pretty sure with the race being 2 weeks away I will most likely make the start line.  

 More then anything my Mental has taken the greatest hit not being able to keep up the speed work.  The week I missed was going to be a bunch of  back to back to back 10-20K runs at a 5:00 pace.   Physically it probably hasn't had that great an impact.  I suspect that if I can return to running without pain by next weekend I should be good but only time will tell me the answer.  

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