Friday, March 1, 2013

Not Tonight

I think I jinxed myself in my Feb Totals post yesterday     Last night at work I had my feet up on the desk and when I stood up I had some lower back pain.    Woke up this morning feeling it a bit but nothing really to take notice of.   Did a 10K run this afternoon.   I was really starting to feel a sort of numbness in the right gluteus maximus  ,  felt like I should have walked ... nothing to bad though.   The real trouble started after I sat for 15  minutes up an OUCH,  couldn't move.  Took some Advil ,  waited 20min had a hot shower ...still pain but I could move although not without limping.   Fast forward to 9pm.   , I can sit .. no pain, I can stand pain, I can step with my left pain but when I load up the right leg it hurts bad enough that it makes me Nauseous .  So I headed to the Gym and jumped on the treadmill.  When I support my weight with may arms no pain but when I release OUCH.   0.2K logged ,  I quit!  

Now its probably not a big deal ,  a nights sleep and I will probably be good to go.   At most a day or two or maybe even three and it will be back to normal.   Good thing I got my run in this afternoon!  

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