Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Running on Advil

 Popped 2 Advil before heading to the Gym this morning.   I don't like doing this sorts of thing but if it allows me to maintain my fitness and its for a short period of time the so be it.

 I really think I may have turned the corner on this one.   Today I quickly relaxed into the Run,  there wasn't any pain just a  little stiffness.  After a few K s I felt really good ...slowed things down to a 5:45 pace.   I have really been concentrating on form trying to avoid the "compensation injury".  Also concentrated on relaxing my right foot.  Ever since Dirty Girls I have more or less been Running with my Toes Curled up.   There has been problems with the structure across the front of the foot and this action is a good defensive posture.   So I ran at a constant pace and felt really OK.   Logged 10K at a mostly 5:45 pace ,  my longest Run since the troubles started March 2nd.    After a brief cool down I jumped on teh Eliptical for 30 minutes before hitting the Hot Shower.

 Yesterday ATB was a definite "No",   now its a "Maybe" based on what happens through this weekend.  There is no way I am going to Race ATB as originally planned but I would really like to make it an. LSD Run.  

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chris mcpeake said...

Good to hear Ron. I am still down. I too hold out hope of using ATB as a slow training run. We shall see.