Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not Sure

 Today is an Ibuprofen day ,  breakfast at 07:00  included 400mg of the stuff.   Felt great all day , no pain no hobble just normal walking and sitting and all that sort of stuff we just take for granted most of the time.    Jumped on the treadmill at 2:00 pm.  There wasn't the usual pain and I started Running and it felt kind of OK.   After a K or so I noticed that my right Hamstring felt a little tight and sore and so did my left Quad.   The legs didn't feel like they had any pop in them at all...rather like bricks.   The feeling persisted so at 3K i geared it down to a walk for a few hundred meters then cranked it to a 5:30 pace.   At first the more familiar shooting pain returned to the right of my tail bone but it smoothed out after a few minutes.    Things were not all that bad but it just didn't feel the least bit fluid and the effort was far greater then it should have been.   So after logging 5K I pulled the plug and jumped on the Elliptical for 30 minutes.

 Finished up with a hot shower and leaving the Gym it was back to the oh so familiar hobble.     Downed 200mg of  Ibuprofen and started to feel allot more normal 30 minutes later.  

  Yesterday the walk was slow with short steps and it was really achy ... not painful.  I think the weird walk was using muscles in a different way that I am use to and that contributed to the pains I felt when running today.  Tomorrow I will try to run again but not wait so long after taking the Ibuporfen.  I did a ton of reading on the drug and the way I am using it now is really not that big of a deal.   Maximum dosage should be no more then 3200mg and I am at a whopping total of 300mg  today and that it.  Tomorrow and the rest of the week I am going to take 200mg in the am ,  in the afternoon then again in the Eve.   A few days of walking normally and running without pain would go along way to putting the past few weeks behind me.

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