Sunday, March 10, 2013


I don't know where to begin so I will start where I left off 2-3 hours ago.  

After a painful disastrous 2K attempt to Run I popped 3 regular Advil ,  waited an hour then hit the Gym again.

 I hobbled to the Gym,  jumped on the treadmill and quickly ramped my way up to a 6:00 pace.   It was still pretty uncomfortable so I thought I would try going faster increasing to a 5:30 pace ... not so bad.   Found that the quicker turnover,  shorter stride made for a much smoother gate.   2.5K in I was feeling pretty Ok  but I decided to walk for a bit.  Going from a 5:30 to a 13:00 pace felt OK but a few hundred meters later I ramped it back up to a 5:30 pace again and more or less was right back where I left off before my walk break.  Held the 5:30 pace through 5.5K then geared it down  finishing off my run logging a whopping 6K.

 Jumping off the treadmill I felt better then when I started.   Hit the shower and let hot water run over my ass for a few minutes.  Dried off and headed back to my workstation.   Walking was 100% natural and pain free.   I didn't want to sit down because the last time I felt this good was when I got out of bed Friday morning.    After walking around for a bit I grabbed some dinner.  I have been sitting for nearly 30 minutes ..... no aches or pains ,  first time in a couple of days.

 When something hurts I never know whether its something that I should just run through or give in.   I always wonder if its the "Big One" that's going to take me out of service.  So now its wait and see time.   I am going to Advil up again in a few hours and before I go to bed.  When I get up and before I run again I am going to hold off the Advil but may reach for it again if I cant run.

 Jurys still out on this one.... stay tuned.

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