Thursday, March 7, 2013

Broken Ass?

Reading  Chris Mcpeake's  blog  I think I have figured out whats wrong,  I have a "Broken Ass" ,  well at least half a one.  Things were no better  or worse after yesterdays outing so I thought what the hell I will try it again!  I sort of hummed and hahed a for a bit but when I got up off my chair at 02:30 am it felt good so off I went.

 It wasn't too bad.  I ramped up to a blazing 6:00 pace within a couple of hundred meters then held the pace through  5K.  I was OK until I did my cool down ... walking was tough!   So I showered then hobbled back to my work station and now here I am blogging!

 Will see how I feel tomorrow....

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chris mcpeake said...

sorry to hear you are struggling with the same thing I have. It really sucks especially when you feel like its okay enough to run but you cant. Heal quickly Ron.