Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Didn't run Thursday or Friday ,  doing the right thing!    Friday on the way to bed I took some Advil.  After sleeping all day I woke up pain free ,   was able to walk pain free and was like that for an hour or two before the dull ache returned.  Leaving work this morning I pivoted on my right leg heading out the door and it brought on some pain.  Slept all day ,  had discomfort in bed but when I woke up it was OK but the dull ache was back as soon as I started to walk.   Last week when this came on I could sit without pain but now I have a constant dull ache all the time.  

 Not running seems to have made no difference so I decided to give it a go tonight.  Hit the Gym  and logged an initial 2K ,  no worse for the wear...pain no better or worse.   Dropped 3 Advil when done and will jump back on the treadmill in another hour or so.

 This really really really sucks!

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