Sunday, March 3, 2013

Test Run

Gave into the pain  yesterday run.   Started to feel better last Eve ,  even walked a few steps pain free. Bit sore this morning but much better the Fri eve or yesterday.  So I decided on a little out and back on the 2nd ...say 5K.    At first it hurt a bit going uphill then it wasn't too bad ...hmm maybe 10K I thought     Then the pain came back and I started to hobble ...thinking 5K pain is worse we will cut it off at 4K now I have to walk lets make it a 2K and so on and so forth.   Turned around at 1K ,   jogged most of the way back but had to walk a tiny uphill...pain getting increasingly worse.  

 So that's it for now,  might try later.   Its frustrating because there is nothing wrong just hurts.  


Ultra Monk said...

Hope you get better soon.

Anne said...

USe some of your fancy benifits and get a massage.
Seriously, Chris Wood out of Peak performance in Walkerton.