Thursday, March 21, 2013

3K but its OK

Its been another full day.   I didn't run Tuesday just because I felt so darn normal.  Wednesday was just one of those days when there was no time to run.  Today I made it to Blue and I wouldn't trade the day for any run.   This evening on my way back from the Hanover Hospital I dropped into work and tried to run...tried to run...tried to run.   Legs are done tonight.  Last week I had the same feeling after spending a day hobbling around the next day the legs were messed up and I couldn't run.  So 3K done tonight OK but now I have a delima,  I want to Ski again tomorrow but ATB is getting close so I should probably get a run on ....10-15K.    RATs ...what do I do???????  

1 comment:

Anne said...

The hay is in the barn.

Plan :show up to ATB.