Friday, March 29, 2013

Lunch again

 7K logged on my lunch break today.   I was sore after yesterdays run so yesterday when I ate lunch I downed 400mg of IBU and was 100% for the rest of the day.  Felt great this morning but when I hit the treadmill the Right Butt started to ache.  At 3K I walked for 300m then transitioned to a run again.  Recently this sort of action really hurt but today it was mildly uncomfortable.  Now that I am done its more of an ached then a hurt.  If when I grab my meal its making me walk funny then I am going to grab some  more IBU.  Going to take it outside for an LSD tomorrow so I am going to take a preventative 200-400 mg IBU a few hours before I Run.    I don't want the ached to spoil my pleasure.   Weighed in today ,  178lbs  about where I usually tip the scales at this time of year.  

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