Thursday, June 20, 2013

4X50X4 ...the start of something big!

Today's lunch run ,  a 5K at a leisurely 6:00 pace starts off a rather interesting 4 weeks...

1st up the Niagara 50K this Saturday June 22 Ultra

2nd and very unique event  on June 29 an indoor 50K Ultra to kick off the Runners Den Owen Sound Grand reopening.  It's  a huge new store complete with a small running track.   I will get a real kick out of Doug Barber counting 2380 laps!   My only worry is the corners ,  hopefully not too sharp... they could be the game changer.

3rd "Creemore Vertical Challenge" July 6th.  50K with no annoying flat section. 

4th "The Limerlost Challenge" July 13.  56k of some of the most beautiful trails you could ever run ... Muskoka at its best.

So 4 Ultras in 4 weeks...the 1 day taper begin!   

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