Friday, June 14, 2013

Durham LSD

With Niagara looming next week a long constant exposed run was in order.  Stepped out the door and headed to Durham on the 2nd then did a lap around town and returned on  the 2nd logging a constant run ,  27K at an avg 6:28 pace.   Walked the last 0.9 K as a "cool down" for a total of 27.9Ks today.

I was really solid through the entire run.   Did an S Cap at 60 and 120 minutes and was drinking water throughout the run.  Skipped the nutrition ..., didn't
really need it but the last couple of Ks were saying EAT.  Feet were  fine in the ASICS GT-2000 shoes extra support!   A couple of times the oh so familiar pain started to come on but instead of curling up my toes I relaxed my foot and the feeling passed!  

 Bring on Niagara....8 Sleeps.

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