Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Backyard Solstice 50 km Ultra - Saturday June 20, 2020

 Did it again ,  another 63 laps good for 50 km logged on the backyard trail Saturday.  Brad ,  Grant and Steve joined me.  Brad did his longest run ever logged 21.1 km,  Grant did 50 km and Steve logged 60 km.  This was my virtual PYP race good for a pair of socks.    Started the run  rather late just after 12 noon.  It was already hot and this would come into play as the day unfolded.    At the 30 km mark I realized I wasn't staying hydrated although I was doing the max 700 ml/hour.    Took nearly an hour off eating Pizza and drinking Beer and Water.   This was enough to get me to the finish line just before it was too dark to see in the forest. 

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