Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Been running , haven't been blogging!

Had a classic head cold that headed south towards the lungs on the 17/18. Did my first run on the treadmill on Thur Nov 22 11 days since I ran on the beach n the DR. Only did 6.6 K that day , my lungs were a little congested so I didn't want to push it , not to mention it was the first run in awhile.

Friday Nov 23 , did a 10K on the treadmill. Didn't worry too much about the time. Somewhere around 54 minutes.

Did the same on Sunday Nov 25 , 1oK on the treadmill in a little under 50 mins. As is usual I broke the run up into thirds. First 3.3 was at 11K , next at 12K and finally crossed the line at 13.3 ! At the 6.66k mark the heart rate checked in at 146 bpm . Not to bad ! Was thinking always go harder faster in any run , never back off and make it easier unless you are overheating or behind in the O2 or you need to conserve energy to make it the rest of the way.

I find myself in Washington DC this week , before I came I Googled running in the DC area . Came up with a series of trails running through Rockville. Today was perfect conditions for a run , Sunny , light breeze and temps near 10C ! The trails are some 20+miles in all and run from the North end of Rockville all the way to DC . Not sure where I got on but it I parked at a Soccer field that runs next to the trail . Started running South towards DC, the trail was paved and in no time at all I found myself in the middle of a forest in the middle of a very big city yet it felt like I was on a run at home in the middle of the bush ! There was a mix of Ash / Oak and Beach trees . Some were very mature. The leaves were still on allot of trees, much like running at home in mid October . The trail ran through allot of parks and crossed fewer streets then I imagined it would. At around the 10k mark I entered "Rockcliff Park" , I am sure I have seen this place used in a movie set. The highlight came at about 40 minutes in to the run when I came across a historical plaque , it went something like ... here in 1774 George Washington built a Mill to help feed .... Wow , 1774 ... two years before the US became a country. So I turned back and picked up the pace a little and found myself back at the car in 1:20 . It was a pretty flat run so I estimate I did around 15k . I hope to try a different trail tomorrow ...


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