Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool runn'in !

Did my 16K loop today, 1:28:41. Weather was 8C, sunny with gusty winds. I wore my shorts, cotton T with a Nylon Wind Breaker and for the first time ever , cotton gloves. I was pretty comfortable , opened and closed the wind breaker as I heated and cooled. Gloves were supper, you can tell the seasoned runners this time of year...they are all wearing gloves. Its amazing how cold your hands get and how uncomfortable it is even at 8C. Lets felt OK, little stiff but I suspect that may have some thing to do with the cooler temps and shorts . I just got a pair of running pants , I thought that they would be too warm today, I will wait until it gets a little closer to freezing to wear them.
Heading to the Caribbean next week for some R&R with my wife. I have a route all mapped out where I am going, a 10 and 20 beach run. Looking forward to be back in the warmth , it will probably take a couple of days to thin the blood a bit !


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