Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Me Time

 Working Eves ,  slept in til 10:30.  Coffee / OJ Toast and Eggs then it was time to hit the trail.   Every Run has a theme ,  today my thoughts tossed between pool or hot tub ,  pool or hot tub , pool or hot tub.   Its was another hot humid run so it was slow and easy managing all the important things.    The weather was interesting too.  There was a really warm breeze that helped keep the pursuit flies away... soon to be Buff time.   Near the end it got dark ,  really windy and then it rained.   The passing T Storm was a welcome relief from the heat and I almost instantly picked up the pace.  finished the last 2K on the trails on my property.   The Sun was back out when I made my way back to the house so the initial recovery was a O'Keeffe's IPA and 45 minutes of Sun floating around the pool.     Next up was a Coffee in the Hot Tub for another 45 minutes before I made my way to work.    Oh ,  almost forgot .... logged 12.5 Trail  kms today.

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