Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday Lunch

 Did my first run after DG yesterday logging a little 5Ker on my meal break.   Took 2Ks to get up to the 5:00 pace.   felling alomost full recovered with the exception of some foot pain...mainly blisters.   The left little toe is bright red the body is in full infection fighting mode.  Weighed in and have gone from 163 lbs last week to 168 lbs this week.   Nothing like 18 hours of running to help put on a couple of pounds.    Sometimes after going long and dehydrating I retain water but thats not the case this time.   I nailed the hydration thing at the DG 24.   Other then some nasty blisters the only GI issue was a bit of indigestion probably something to do with all the cramming of different and sometimes usual food.

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